Kinaxis & Wahupa Partner to Help Companies Navigate Inventory Complexity Through Disruptions


Kinaxis® Inc. (TSX:KXS), the leader in supply chain planning software, and Wahupa LLC, the company that delivers probabilistic planning solutions, today announced a partnership that combines the resiliency planning of Wahupa and the agility of Kinaxis to take inventory planning to the next level.

The partnership will bring Wahupa’s probabilistic multi-echelon inventory optimisation (MEIO) to the Kinaxis RapidResponse® platform to help companies maximise service levels and lower costs. The new MEIO application will calculate optimal inventory targets and safety stock settings through market-driven service planning, helping companies reach their strategic, financial, and service goals while removing waste from their supply chain. When combined with Kinaxis what-if scenarios, companies can simulate various strategies, such as network streamlining and portfolio rationalisation, to predict outcomes before choosing the optimal approach. The result will be an inventory plan that optimises across product mix, inventory tiers, and production stages, while considering physical and monetary constraints.

“Traditional approaches to inventory planning assume that everything is known, precise and exact, so any type of volatility can cause chaos. With our probabilistic approach, we help organisations quantify this uncertainty so they can create plans that take into account these variables,” said Stefan de Kok, CEO of Wahupa. “Partnering with Kinaxis allows us to realise our mission to minimise waste and margin erosion at a scale that was not possible before.”

Wahupa will join the growing Kinaxis ecosystem of Solution Extension Partners. These partners increase the value customers gain from RapidResponse by delivering digital inputs and developing domain-specific applications that leverage the power of concurrent planning and extend the capabilities of the widely-trusted planning platform.p

“We believe companies need to better align their supply chain and financial strategies to thrive in the post-pandemic economy,” said John Sicard, CEO of Kinaxis. “In times of uncertainty, companies tend to overcorrect and default to carrying more inventory than is actually required, leading to an increase in cost and waste. This partnership with Wahupa will help our clients trade excess inventory for free cash flow without compromising their commitment to service.”