Lectra reveals Versalis® 2019 during its annual automotive event

Lectra unveiled a major evolution of Versalis® digital leather cutting solution designed to support automotive suppliers during its fifth annual automotive event. Hosted at Lectra’s International Advanced Technology & Conference Center (IATC) in Bordeaux-Cestas, France, Lectra welcomed 60 guests, from more than 15 different countries, representing the automotive seating, airbag and interiors value chains.

During the two-day event, Lectra experts and external thought leaders shared industry knowledge and presented best insights on the design challenges and opportunities shaping the evolution of the automotive interior. The prevailing idea is that interiors will transform to replicate the comforts and design of a living space. This new trend for comfort and luxury underscores the importance of leather. Quality leather interiors are expected to match the global automotive outlook market projections, which is predicted to remain positive through 2025 on the back of sustained growth in the sports-utility vehicle (SUV) and premium segments.

To meet this growing demand and their operational excellence objectives, automotive leather suppliers need to pursue their digital transformation while implementing Industry 4.0 principles. This means finding the right blend of production flexibility, operational agility and cost minimization through process optimization and continuous improvement.A key highlight of the event was the unveiling of Versalis 2019, Lectra’s new digital leather cutting solution. Adapted to automotive production needs and promising higher productivity and performance capabilities, Versalis 2019 reaffirms Lectra as a leader in Industry 4.0. Offering a best-in-class cutting solution, value-added software, and complete range of services, Versalis 2019 is expertly designed to meet the new challenges automotive leather suppliers face in today’s fast-moving manufacturing environment.

Versalis 2019 features major advances compared to Lectra’s previous generation. It significantly improves productivity and nesting efficiency performance thanks to an evolution in equipment and software design based on customer participation and feedback. Cutting precision is improved substantially thanks to the use of a large pressure plate that flattens wrinkles before the start of the cutting operation to deliver a higher level of quality performance and production standardization. Versalis’ ergonomic design enhances the ease of use through augmented reality, with a newly redesigned hide reception tray and automated belt cleaning.

Versalis 2019 integrates seamlessly with a company’s legacy IT systems. The addition of an application programming interface (API) connector ensures compatibility with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution system (MES) to have access to production data and set dedicated key performance indicators (KPI).
“Consistent with Lectra’s longstanding commitment to continuous improvement, our newest leather cutting range will enable suppliers of leather cut parts to not only achieve digital transformation but also prepare their operations for future challenges,” says Céline Choussy, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Lectra.

The Versalis 2019 range of digital leather-cutting solutions will be available to automotive suppliers as of June 2019.