LEEA launches Regional Council for Australia & New Zealand


The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) has formed a dedicated Regional Council for Australia and New Zealand to take greater local control and ownership over local decisions. With its own people, budget and work plan the Regional Council will devise local solutions for local problems.

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for the region and a significant benefit to the Lifting Equipment industry in Australian and New Zealand,” said Justin Boehm, Regional General Manager for Australia at LEEA. “The Regional Council is to be lead by local industry leaders, to push forward the benefits of LEEA membership and look to the future of an incredibly important industry. With their support and guidance, we will achieve the recognition our members deserve.”

The Regional Council for Australia and New Zealand comprises Steve Flint of The Rigging Shed and Regional Director for Australia on the LEEA Board; Adam Thompson of Stenhouse Lifting; Guy Roberts of Nobles; Ashley Thacker of Ranger Lifting Rigging Safety; Andy Campbell of Bunzl; Mark Eberhard of RMB Lifting; Navin Kumar of Lifting Victoria; David Wilson of Active Lifting Equipment; and Rob Smit of Cookes New Zealand.

This group of industry leaders is committed to increasing the awareness of LEEA in the region, showcasing its benefits, growing its demand and profile across major industries and focussing on local initiatives that support the area’s specific needs. They will work together collectively for the greater good of the lifting industry in Australia and New Zealand, as well as to support LEEA’s goals in the region.

A specific work plan has been created that directly aligns to LEEA’s Global Strategic Objectives of:

    1. Member benefits
    2. Upholding the Gold Standard
    3. Raising awareness of members’ excellence
    4. Professional development of people across the industry
    5. Sustainable development
    6. Supporting the global industry

Justin Boehm added: “There are some fantastic events and training development plans in the pipeline. The best part is that as a lifting community the region is coming together, putting individual business and commercial priorities aside, to collectively improve lifting standards and work with government, local industry and safety regulators to ensure that LEEA membership and LEEA trained technicians are not only recognised but mandatory.”

The Regional Council for the Australia and New Zealand is the first step towards a ‘hub and spoke’ model for LEEA, which is designed to maximise the Association’s global footprint through regional delivery.  Australia and New Zealand provides the template to move forward with similar Regional Councils for the Middle East and South East Asia later in the year.