LLamasoft joins MIT Centre for Transportation & Logistics Supply Chain Exchange Consortium as Strategic Member


LLamasoft, the leading provider of AI-powered supply chain analytics software to the world’s leading brands is proud to announce its collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Centre for Transportation and Logistics (MIT CTL). LLamasoft will be collaborating with MIT CTL top thinkers who conduct pioneering research to develop decision-making frameworks and data-driven tools to support complex supply chain management challenges, such as planning amidst the COVID-19 supply chain disruption and designing appropriate risk mitigation and resilience strategies for the future.

Through this membership, LLamasoft will offer a full certification program for students in MIT CTL’s Master of Supply Chain Management beginning in 2021.  This expands upon LLamasoft’s current supply chain certification program which is available through 13 universities. To date, more than 3,100 students have engaged with LLamasoft’s solutions through academic programs in universities around the world, and with a current increase in demand for supply chain professionals, the program continues to grow rapidly.

“The pace at which businesses are required to adapt means most supply chains are under pressure to evolve. The groundbreaking work that is being done at MIT CTL will have a profound effect on the future of supply chain management,” said Razat Gaurav, CEO of LLamasoft. “Through this agreement, LLamasoft strengthens its ability to be at the forefront of advanced research in decision-making. Our relationships with thought leaders at MIT, such as Prof. Yossi Sheffi, allow us to tap into this deep expertise and offer our customers the opportunity to engage in immersive experiences, see the power of leading-edge technologies including artificial intelligence and benefit from the latest advances in organisational and cognitive sciences to develop an analytics-based decision-making competency for their organisations. This collaboration comes at the exact time that many executives at multi-national corporations are working to drive these transformational initiatives.”

Through this exchange, LLamasoft will participate in the following:

  • LLamasoft and MIT CTL joint research focused on future-proof, analytics-driven supply chain design and planning approaches. In light of the substantial risks exposed by COVID-19, the initial research will put a particular emphasis on risk mitigation strategies and on designing supply chains for resilience. These joint research projects will continue throughout the collaboration and leverage an analytics-based decision-making framework that contains insights from a cognitive science perspective.

  • Guided sessions using CTL’s Computational and Visual Education (CAVE) Lab providing immersive hands-on experiences, where executives work in cross-functional teams using interactive visualisation to analyse complex supply chain data to improve decision making for supply chain and logistics challenges.

  • Virtual sessions leveraging MIT CTL and LLamasoft frameworks for enhanced analytics-based decision-making in the supply chain, to help business executive teams at a company support complex decision-making.

  • Insights from MIT CTL pioneering research integrating artificial intelligence, organisational and cognitive sciences around new supply chain design paradigms. This interdisciplinary research effort establishes novel, cross-functional supply chain planning frameworks focused on value-creation and agility, and explores how to engage multiple stakeholders, including C-level executives, in a continuous design process aligned with corporate strategy.

  • Join immersive hands-on experiences and simulations with emerging technologies, such as AI and machine learning, to support the rapid and data-driven decision-making needed today.


“We are thrilled to collaborate with LLamasoft and welcome them to experience our CAVE lab and to support our research on new approaches to supply chain design and decision-making under uncertainty.  For now, we will interact virtually, and we look forward to welcoming them to the MIT campus when possible. It’s an extraordinary environment where executives can gain a more intuitive understanding of, and access to, quantitative methods to support strategic design, tactical planning and operational problems in the supply chain and logistics domain,” said Dr. Yossi Sheffi, Elisha Gray II Professor, Engineering Systems at MIT, and Director of MIT Centre for Transportation & Logistics. “LLamasoft customers will join their peers and MIT researchers using interactive visual interfaces to data and analytical tools so they can jointly discuss and design the supply chains that are needed for the future – agile and resilient.”

For more information about the program and this immersive executive experience, please visit this website https://llamasoft.com/mit-ctl-partnership/.  To find out more about LLamasoft’s learning experiences and certification program, please visit this website https://llamasoft.com/company/services/training/.