LOBO Systems announce a new way to reduce cost in all automated fulfillment & distribution centres


The initial focus is on concerns while accessing awkward maintenance areas. These areas are often critical to the smooth operation of the sortation equipment. Working at height must be accomplished safely – traditionally, outsourced scaffolding companies and fixed aluminium tower systems have been deployed.

However, outsourced scaffolding labour is expensive and unavailable 24/7; aluminium frame systems are cumbersome, inflexible, difficult to transport and will not adjust to fit into awkward areas.

“We assemble our own LOBO Systems where we want, when we want and how we want, with total flexibility to suit our business needs”, says a distribution centre manager, adding “safety is also a big concern”.

“LOBO’s comprehensive training, which is hands-on, is particularly useful. The system is very easy and fits together easily and is quick to assemble. The main benefit is that maintenance tasks are accomplished quicker, safer and more comfortably”, adds the Distribution Centre Manager for 3M.

LOBO Systems CEO Rob Bokros says, “Once again, LOBO provides another great solution for the logistics industry. If you need to reduce costs by assembling your own system, with this new approach, LOBO is the best. Customers can see the benefit of self-assembly while retaining the option to reconfigure time after time to meet future demands”.

LOBO Systems steel components have been load tested using a 4-to-1 ratio to ensure it complies with all relevant global regulations.