Log-hub Unveils Exciting New Features in Log-hub 3.4


Log-hub is thrilled to announce the release of Log-hub 3.4. The update showcases significant enhancements to its platform and introduces two key features – Save in platform and Scenario comparison. Alongside these features, Log-hub introduces a new addition to its portfolio of supply chain analytics apps, a brand-new Freight Matrix app.

As a leading supply chain technology innovator, Log-hub is dedicated to bringing transparency and optimization to supply chain operations for businesses worldwide, and this latest release reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to thrive in today’s complex logistics landscape.

“We at Log-hub are dedicated to redefining how businesses manage their supply chains and Log-hub 3.4 represents a significant step toward achieving this mission. Our commitment to customer-centric innovation is reflected by features like Save in Platform and Scenario Comparison that facilitate more efficient and collaborative work and empower users with deeper insights. This update is largely inspired by our deep commitment to meeting our customers’ needs and actively listening to their feedback. And all with the aim to enable a superior decision-making.” – said Jan Sigmund, the Co-CEO of Log-hub.

Log-hub’s Save in Platform feature allows users to save their work directly within the platform. This feature streamlines workflow efficiency, reduces data loss, and enhances collaboration among supply chain professionals. Users can now seamlessly pick up where they left off, making supply chain planning more efficient and effective.

The game-changing Scenario Comparison feature is designed to provide users with deeper insights into their supply chain planning. With this functionality, users can compare multiple scenarios side by side, enabling better decision-making and scenario analysis. Log-hub users can now evaluate the impact of different strategies and make more informed choices to optimize their supply chain operations.

“The innovations in Log-hub 3.4 and the introduction of Freight Matrix are a testament to Log-hub’s dedication to staying at the forefront of supply chain technology. These advancements not only enhance the user experience but also enable logistics professionals to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and cost savings.” – said Alexander Sigmund the CTO of Log-hub.

The advanced algorithms of the Freight matrix app empower supply chain professionals to make smarter, data-driven decisions and will help users gain better control over their shipping operations, reduce inefficiencies, and enhance their overall supply chain performance.

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