LzLabs and T-Systems Team Up to Drive Mainframe Transformation


LzLabs today announced an Agreement with T-Systems, one of the world-leading cross-manufacturer digital service providers, with the objective of offering customers a unique path to mainframe rehosting and transformation.

This new collaboration enables T-Systems to extend its current portfolio of mainframe services and options and to offer the LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® (LzSDM). Working together, the two companies are already working on a number of client projects and initiatives designed to offer existing mainframe users the ability to “move and improve” legacy mainframe applications.

The relationship will form part of T-Systems’ European trademarked zFuture Program. This includes a range of services and knowledge both companies offer to help clients transform their mainframe applications. T-Systems as integrator orchestrates all activities in each customer’s application, including those running on LzSDM, and thus fully supports the customer’s journey to digitization and the Cloud.

Once migrated to LzSDM, mainframe workloads benefit from the unparalleled flexibility, reliability, and availability of cloud platforms, and customers gain the agility benefits of managing these applications using modern DevOps orchestration tools.

Enterprises also benefit from LzSDM’s unique ability to allow mainframe and rehosted applications on Open Systems to co-exist and interoperate, reducing disruption and risk. In addition, incremental application modernization opportunities and integrated compilation options within LzSDM enable acceleration of application maintenance as well as re-write initiatives.

At T-Systems everything comes from one source: from secure operation of existing systems and conventional IT and telecommunication services to transformation into the cloud, including international networks. As part of the agreement, T-Systems will provide systems integration services and ongoing support for qualification and assessment, through to discovery, transformation and, ultimately, taking customers into production on LzSDM, operating LzSDM within their different cloud offerings as an independent Cloud provider.

As organizations seek to integrate legacy applications with modern enterprise computing practices based on Linux and in the cloud, T-Systems and LzLabs customers now have the option to migrate applications, without recompilation or data reformatting, to LzSDM in modern and cloud-based environments.

Enterprises across the world are under pressure to become cloud-enabled at their core, and through collaborations like this we are leading the charge to support and empower these customers” said Mark Cresswell, CEO, LzLabs. “Welcoming T-Systems into our growing ecosystem is an important milestone for the growth of LzSDM adoption across Europe and beyond”.

“We want to enable more choices for our customers when it comes to the transformation of their mainframe applications” said Andreas Greis, Senior Vice President Digital Solutions T-Systems. “In doing so we are driving the business of our customers forward – whether via replatform, rehost or refactor projects, in line with the Gartner Legacy Modernization Model. The appropriate way depends on the individual customer situation. This collaboration provides our customers with a powerful cloud-native rehosting solution to push efficiencies and agility within their mainframe portfolio”.