Manhattan Active® Transportation Management Transforms Distribution Processes Across ICA Sweden’s Store Network


Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) has announced that Sweden’s largest grocery retailer, ICA Sweden, has chosen Manhattan Active® Transportation Management as part of a strategic move. The decision will give the Nordic retailer greater upstream and downstream visibility, while also providing it with advanced capabilities to plan and optimise its domestic and international flow of goods.

Manhattan Active TM is the first self-configuring and self-tuning transportation network solver, evaluating problems and automatically selecting the best route generation technique without oversight from the planner. The solution is also the fastest multi-modal transportation optimisation engine in the industry, reducing solve times by up to 80%.

“Manhattan Active Transportation Management provides ICA with more centralised perspectives, allowing our teams to take more control of planning and execution; to decide which route is best or the most efficient and gain better visibility over inbound and outbound flows of goods. Most importantly of all, it arms us with the data to proactively make decisions, rather than having them forced on us unexpectedly,” said Johan Svensson, development manager warehouse and transport at ICA Sweden.

Martin Lockwood, senior director at Manhattan Associates: “With huge volumes of goods and increasing transportation costs, not to mention the geographical nuances unique to Sweden, ICA is confronted with complicated challenges every day when it comes to its transportation network and replenishing its 1267 stores.

“Fortunately, Manhattan Active TM is not just fast, it is also intelligent. The solution’s adaptive optimisation engine leverages machine learning to automatically tune hundreds of traditionally manual parameters to deliver significant efficiencies and optimal results for the transport team at ICA,” ended Lockwood.

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