Manhattan Associates Launches the Next-Generation Yard Management Solution


Today at Momentum, its annual user conference, Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) announced its re-imagined Manhattan Active® Yard Management solution to expand the company’s vision of a unified supply chain. By redesigning yard management to work seamlessly with its industry leading warehouse and transportation management solutions on a single cloud native platform, Manhattan is completing the digital unification of distribution and logistics where they come together in the physical world.

This unified approach creates optimisation opportunities that aren’t possible with traditional siloed systems. The cutting-edge solution offers a digital twin representation of the yard, providing users with real-time insights and dynamic updates to help teams identify risks and opportunities quickly. This gives users clear visibility to every dock door and yard position, the trailers at each location, trailer status, the contents of those trailers, real time progress of inbound and outbound warehouse operations, as well as information related to pending arrivals and movement within the yard.

“Manhattan Active Yard Management perfectly combines warehouse and transportation planning and execution to create a truly unified supply chain,” said Blake Coram, director of Product Management for Manhattan. “Infusing the yard decision process with intelligence from both warehouse and transportation drives optimal yard execution, more efficient warehouses, and faster and smarter transportation networks.”

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