Manufacturers must embrace AI and digital twin if they are to survive Brexit


A survey of large factory producers released this morning by Lloyds Banking Group, found 19% of manufacturers still feel unprepared for life after Brexit.

Matt Tichon, Vice President of Industry Strategy at LLamasoft, comments about how manufacturers must embrace innovative technologies, such as AI and digital twin, if they are to survive in a post-Brexit world.

 “Whilst it comes as a happy surprise to hear that a high number of manufacturers feel prepared for life after Brexit, it is still concerning that the other 19% are not. In March, when disruptions caused by the pandemic started to accelerate uncontrollably, many manufacturers across the globe suffered hugely. This can’t and should not happen again.

“All manufacturers must consider the resiliency of their supply chains and ensure that they have the necessary technology in place to help plan for these unforeseeable disruptions. From supplier changes to shortages and new regulations causing traffic pile-ups at the border, digital twin technology will help identify, replicate and analyse the entire end-to-end supply chain for potential pain points. 

“Given the uncertainty that Brexit poses, it is crucial that manufacturers have optionality when sourcing materials. Otherwise, there is a huge risk of shortages in materials essential to the production of goods across sectors, such as healthcare and retail. Digital twin technology would enable them to test out various solutions to this problem, before implementing them in the real world. With this, manufacturers can ensure they are ready once the clock hits midnight on January 1st 2021.”