Market Leader PFU (EMEA) Limited Launches Second Generation Fujitsu SP Series Scanners


PFU (EMEA) Limited today unveiled its new range of dedicated scanners for day-to-day budget-conscious capture – the second-generation Fujitsu SP Series. With simple operation and flexible, cost effective deployment, the SP Series has been designed for those organisations looking to take their first steps towards integrating paper-based information into their workflows supporting digital transformation.

Developed to streamline work processes and deliver intelligence across an organisation, the SP-1120N, SP-1125N and SP-1130N all incorporate Wired LAN connectivity, enabling multiple PCs to share one scanner. PFU has focused its engineering efforts on delivering essential capture functionality while maintaining the intuitive user experience their scanners are known for. Featuring profile-driven menus, or single-button operation directly from the scanner, the Fujitsu SP Series is particularly useful for those who wish to automate the process of scanning, extracting and releasing captured information directly into their workflows. Automatic Profile Recognition can recognise pre-defined forms and process them according to the relevant pre-set capture routine.

All three devices within the series also include PFU’s PaperStream software suite. PaperStream Capture automates and streamlines the capture process delivering data into workflows with minimal user effort and training. The PaperStream IP driver’s industry-leading image clean-up delivers dependable quality output, important for downstream processing such as OCR, or when creating searchable PDFs or editable Word, Powerpoint or Excel files. Also embedded within PaperStream IP is PaperStream IP Net which allows users to quickly connect to any scanner on the network, from any computer – liberating them from the limitations of short USB cables and providing a highly flexible deployment architecture. This offers a clear migration path should the organisation wish to scale or enhance their capture capabilities in the future.

“The ability to access data has never been more important, with so many adapting to new ways of working across networked environments,” said Mike Nelson, Senior Vice President, PFU (EMEA) Limited. “With these new models, the second generation SP Series allows many organisations to meet their essential scanning needs, benefitting them at both operational and strategic levels, and furthering PFU EMEA’s continuing mission to enable the world’s flow of knowledge.”