Marketing For Manufacturing Companies – 5 Strategies that Give Results


Manufacturing firms in the United States are major contributors to employment, GDP, and overall economic development. The United States’ manufacturing sector has long been one of the largest in the world in regards to industrial production. It accounts for 15% of the US economic output. Due to how competitive the manufacturing sector is, your business needs a manufacturing marketing agency.

Manufacturing marketing is fundamentally B2B marketing, albeit with a longer and more sophisticated sales cycle than B2C marketing. These peculiarities frequently translate into unique marketing challenges.

The services of a professional manufacturing marketing company, can boost lead conversions and brand recognition while positioning your company as a thought leader.

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Why Your Manufacturing Business Needs an Industrial Marketing Agency

Manufacturers’ marketing is becoming more difficult. You have more competition than ever before, more customers are shifting away from traditional channels and toward the internet. With this, you may not have the attention and time to adapt your marketing to keep up. As such, the role of a manufacturing marketing agency cannot be overemphasized.

The right marketing agency for manufacturing can take your sales from zero to a hundred! A marketing agency for manufacturing will help your business increase sales and outrank competitors online. Hiring a manufacturing marketing agency allows you and your team to concentrate on other aspects of your manufacturing company. Moreover, future marketing initiatives will be optimized with the assistance of experts who live and breathe marketing on a daily basis. That translates to more work completed in less time with better results.

5 Best Marketing Strategies for Manufacturers

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Just like every business, your manufacturing company exists to generate profit. But how will you generate sales without proper marketing? When it comes to marketing, there are tons of tactics that can help you boost sales. If you are not conversant with these strategies or know how they work, then it’s best to employ an industrial marketing agency. Here are some techniques that can take your marketing to another level.

1. Publish written content

You’ve probably heard that content is king. It’s a saying that’s existed for a long time, and it still applies to online marketers today. As a manufacturer, take advantage of  this and constantly publish content. You can release articles on your production procedures or inform your audience of the latest technology your business has adopted. 

You must know that content writing isn’t as simple as it sounds. You need to publish well written articles that will capture your audience. In a case where you don’t have the skills, outsourcing to a marketing agency for manufacturers will save you the hassle.

The information you publish on your website is known as content. It is the main driver of all of the following;

  • It aids in moving people down the funnel. For example, a business contact in the awareness stage may find something in your content that helps turn them to the consideration stage

  • Search engine optimization ensures that you appear when prospective clients search online

  • It establishes you as a reliable manufacturer. Nearly half of individuals read three to five pieces of content from a company before contacting them for more information or a quote

Sites that use different types of content can boost more sales than sites who focus on one. This is due to the fact that visitors engage with different types of content to varying degrees. While some people may prefer to read about your product, others may  prefer to watch a video. Sometimes, especially with complex manufacturing products, you need to provide both, to help educate the potential client.

2. Email marketing

When potential clients analyze options, they  get caught up in managing daily operations, it’s easy for your message to get lost in the shuffle. Email marketing newsletters allow you to capture interested leads so that you can appear in their email inboxes on a regular basis. It keeps you in their thoughts.

Email is also an excellent marketing automation tool. Drip campaigns allow you to send a series of messages to targeted consumers whenever they take a particular action.

3. Trade shows

Not all B2B marketing efforts should be conducted online. Manufacturers should also attend industry trade shows and other events. This raises brand awareness and shows that you value others in the industry. Prospecting at a trade show is also beneficial to the bottom line. Also you’ll be  meeting a lot of potential clients while also networking and learning.

4. Utilise Social Media

Social media is another channel for increasing customer loyalty and brand awareness. It also allows you to connect with prospective clients in an organic way, often where the prospect is already online. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all effective B2B marketing channels. Moreover, manufacturers can start to maintain a strong presence on LinkedIn. This is because LinkedIn is considered a platform for business-minded people. Content writing can also be more effective and powerful on LinkedIn. 

5. The Right Google ads and PPC

SEO isn’t always a sure thing. You can’t buy yourself into Google’s top organic page results. Getting there necessitates a commitment to content and patience. This is why you should consider investing in Google advertisement and PPC.

Paid marketing campaigns can get your manufacturing business on search engine results very fast. However, your ads must be effective. This means you have to conduct thorough research to determine which keywords to use based on  how your buyer might search on Google. Hiring a Marketing agency for manufacturers, on the other hand, will relieve you of the stress of research. A Marketing agency for manufacturers has the knowledge to help you in making the best use of Google Ads and PPC.

Final Thoughts

The manufacturing industry is evolving. Manufacturers are under pressure to innovate marketing strategies in order to compete as new technologies and globalization emerge. However, with so many choices, it can be tricky to know where to begin. The key to success is developing a marketing strategy that is specific to your goals and target audience.

Better still, you should hire manufacturing marketing companies. Manufacturing companies can reach a much larger audience with the help of a manufacturing marketing agency than they could on their own.