Megafrio Food Distributor Improves Stock Visibility with Infor CloudSuite WMS


Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced that Megafrio, a food distribution company in Chile, is gaining benefits with Infor WMS for warehouse management. The solution was sold and implemented by Cerca Technology, an Infor channel partner in Latin America.

Megafrio selected Infor WMS to help meet needs and achieve goals, including sustain business growth, increase service to customers, reduce operative costs and maximize capacity of distribution centers. Most relevant challenges are related to the reorganization of operation processes and information management for the company and its customers. All of these were done without interrupting customers´ operations.

Many operations take place at Megafrio´s distribution centers, and the company has achieved superior product tracking and process agility with the implementation of the Infor solution. Change management was important, and it was achieved through the quick learning process of the team and the ease of use of the new platform.

“Since the project started, we have had a close relationship with Cerca Technology. Their excellent recommendations, both functional and regarding development, enabled us to benefit from Infor WMS functionalities and to personalize the solution to fit our needs,” states Makarena Guardia, Megafrío project implementation manager.

Megafrio is the second distribution operator of the Group Magacentro that implemented Infor WMS. The current implementation is at Pedro Jorquera Distribution Center in Pudahuel, Chile.

“Partners such as Infor and Cerca Technology have enabled us not only to improve our processes but are a great support for our customers and provide reliability to sign new contracts,” says Andres Schmidt, Megafrío’s Pedro Jorquera distribution center manager.

The ongoing project is ambitious and includes a great number of customers and distribution centers, but Megafrío has already seen benefits. From the very beginning during trainings, roles were clearly defined of who would be directly involved in managing the solution. This was key for the success of the process.

“Our relationship with Cerca Technology generates lots of trust, as the project team has been with us since the beginning, so they know our business well, and our challenges,” adds Makarena Guardia, Megafrío project implementation manager.

The distribution centers involved in the operation are already showing successful results:

  • Productivity increase in picking process: more than 5%
  • Productivity increase in product reception: more than 50%
  • Better inventory accuracy: more than 5%
  • More inventory visibility: 30%
  • Better customer satisfaction: 5%
  • Better decision making: 10%
  • Improvement of administrative processes: 40%
  • Automatization of key processes such as reception and storage, consolidations, restoration, selection tasks, inventory accuracy.

“The volume and diversity of Megafrio´s customers require a flexible technological platform. Infor CloudSuite WMS allows the company to manage a variety of operational requirements, and it simplifies that management,” notes Wilson Ortiz, Cerca Technology professional services manager. “Infor CloudSuite WMS’ functionalities, along with the highly professional team assigned to the project and process standardization, have helped Megafrio reach its goals.”

“Infor WMS is specifically developed for the distribution sector and combines all necessary functionalities in one synchronized solution. This offers companies such as Megafrio end-to-end operational visibility in the supply chain, enabling them to anticipate changes, be prepared for disruptions and reduce risks when necessary,” adds Adriana Gutierrez, Infor Latan channel director.