Meili Robots Partners with InOrbit to Boost Their Fleet Management Solution


Meili Robots, the provider of the universal fleet management system Meili FMS, has now partnered with the cloud-based RobOps platform InOrbit.

With our universal solution to the management of mobile robots fleets, we, at Meili Robots, enable mobile robots operators to orchestrate their entire fleet from a single, centralised platform. This solution — named Meili FMS — comes with a variety of features that allow operators to, among others, automatically assign tasks to different robots, control traffic flows, and manage the robots’ navigation.

The cloud-based RobOps (robot operations) platform of InOrbit empowers operators to scale up more efficiently by simplifying robot connectivity, observing data, increasing the efficiency of fleet operations and orchestration as well as optimising robots and processes. With the ability to easily integrate into existing systems, InOrbit helps operation teams and engineers in their development and operation of robotics solutions.

With the adoption and specialisation of robots accelerating at a rapid pace, the fastest way to keep up with trends and developments in the robotics industry is to work towards the right solution together with other experts. “InOrbit and Meil Robots have been working closely towards a shared goal of advancing robot operations or RobOps”, says Florian Pestoni, CEO of InOrbit. “By opening up this range of new opportunities and abilities, users will be reaping the benefits like never before”, adds Aldus von der Burg, CEO of Meili Robots.

Combining the best of two companies — Meili Robots with expertise in fleet management and integration services, and InOrbit with expertise around RobOps — will accelerate the customer solution. We, at Meili Robots, are especially looking forward to boosting our users’ experience by offering a local service to the robot operators — opening up a new level of automation that lets them use their mobile robot fleet to its full potential.

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