Meta Quest 3’s impact on Supply Chain


The release of Meta Quest 3 and the anticipated release of Apple Vision Pro early next year, signals a major shift in the potential of augmented reality to revolutionise various industries, with logistics standing out as a major beneficiary.

AR technology promises to optimise operations, streamline processes, and elevate training and safety standards within the logistics sector. Notably, VR-based safety training and technology have demonstrated substantial reductions in incidents and injuries, while AR’s remote collaboration capabilities empower experts to provide real-time assistance from anywhere in the world, saving time and resources.

AR’s value extends to monitoring, visualisation, and planning in global supply chains. It allows logistics managers to experiment with different strategies remotely, identifying cost-effective approaches and enhancing overall supply chain performance. For businesses, this technology provides the tools to forecast and plan for real-life scenarios, creating virtual settings to test the supply chain’s responsiveness to various market conditions and demand fluctuations, making them more adaptable to disruptions and unexpected events. It creates a medium for sharing innovations, building trust with customers and investors, and ultimately fostering a more resilient and efficient digital supply chain.