METRO LOGISTICS sees lower costs and higher efficiency thanks to Mercareon’s time slot management


Thanks to Mercareon’s European-leading time slot solution, METRO LOGISTICS is able to plan more effectively deliveries to six German warehouse locations while making more effective use of unloading ramp capacities. Through digital management of deliveries METRO LOGISTICS has massively reduced standing and waiting times as well as high workloads at peak times. Thanks to innovative time slot management, the reduction in waiting times for trucks was particularly significant. Mercareon developed the intelligent solution specifically for delivery to logistics centres in food retail, wholesale and mail order. In addition, METRO LOGISTICS has succeeded in noticeably optimising warehouse planning and management with the help of time slot management.


Full transparency and reduced waiting times

Over the summer of 2019, METRO LOGISTICS decided to implement Mercareon’s time slot management. After only two months, the solution was put into operation at a first German location. Initially, the logistics centre in Bremen was connected to the Mercareon platform via standardised interfaces. By the beginning of 2020, five other locations followed. “The implementation went quickly and without problems”, emphasizes METRO LOGISTICS project manager Peter Goer. “As soon as the project started waiting times of the trucks at our ramps were reduced considerably and peak times became much easier to handle. Storage capacities and employees are now also more efficiently managed. The use of the new platform enjoys a high level of acceptance among all those involved, because collaboration, via standardized digital processes, saves time and money.”


Time slot management improves cooperation with suppliers and carriers

Using the flexible solution has a positive impact on cooperation with transport service providers and suppliers: transport service providers book delivery dates that suit them online and thus ensure that their vehicles are unloaded at the agreed delivery time. This enables freight forwarders to plan their routes reliably and to make optimum use of their trucks.

The time slot management solution also offers comprehensive reporting options. Reports with graphs on goods delivery performance can be generated at the push of a button. Information on arrival, unloading and departure times is also used to further optimize cooperation with suppliers and carriers.


Smooth processes in incoming goods and warehouse management

Before introducing Mercareon’s digital time slot management system, METRO LOGISTICS was facing challenges that the entire retail sector is confronting: imprecise information regarding arrival time of goods, long waiting times for delivery trucks, lack of status information at unloading ramps, low transparency, high administrative effort. At METRO, this is now a thing of the past: the time slot management solution ensures smooth and cost-saving processes in incoming goods and warehouse management.

In light of cost pressure and stringent requirements, efficient transport logistics is indispensable for the METRO subsidiary: The Düsseldorf-based company is responsible for the German warehousing business, including distribution transport and procurement logistics for METRO in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.