Micro Focus announces industry-first CISO resource to accelerate enterprise resilience

Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO; NYSE: MFGP) today announced the launch of CyberResilient.com, a new digital resource designed to support CISOs and board members as they navigate the shifting demands of the digital economy, and attempt to continue to drive business growth during times of uncertainty. In the face of unprecedented global challenges and the rise of cybercrime, organisations are seizing the opportunity to transform into a resilient enterprise designed to have the agility, structure, and growth-centric focus to not only weather adverse conditions but also drive sustained business performance. Knowing how to successfully adapt to an evolving business and threat landscape can be a challenge and as such, CyberResilient.com provides leaders with a trusted resource to help them build their roadmap to cyber resilience and, ultimately, business resilience.

Like any journey, understanding where you are and where you want to be allows you to understand the steps to take to deliver on your end goal and the gaps to fill as you move forward. CyberResilient.com provides the “360˚ Cyber Resilience Assessment Tool” as a means by which CISOs and cybersecurity leaders can holistically assess their current status and identify strategy gaps so that they can take the necessary actions to protect their business, detect the changing risk surface, and evolve their competencies in line with changing threats. Each of the core pillars of cyber resilience (protect, detect and evolve) is covered as part of the assessment and are considered critical elements in enabling teams to continually and intelligently deliver an intended outcome in the face of a potential threat a reality.

“Internal and external adversity will always be forces that impact business continuity and performance and those organisations that have the frameworks in place to assess, pivot and adapt will be in a better position to successfully navigate those challenges,” said John Delk, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security, Micro Focus. “The launch of this trusted new resource and “360˚ Assessment Tool” provides security leaders and senior stakeholders with knowledge and means to not only better understand financial, operational, and information risk, but how to evaluate and elevate their posture in a manner that ultimately drives business growth, profitability and sustained organisational modernisation.”

Underpinning the core pillars of cyber resilience is the ability of the organisation to strategize, communicate, plan, implement and integrate technologies designed to allow an organisation to “pivot at scale”, secure the business value chain and enable resilient operational excellence and digital transformation. To do this, it is critical that organisations use a business outcome centric approach leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automation to streamline and reduce the cost of becoming more resilient. The proper implementation of AI and ML technologies at each stage of protect, detect and evolve is a foundational element and is essential for a resilient organisation to follow guidelines to maximise effectiveness in their deployment.

Visitors to CyberResilient.com can expect to discover resources and strategic knowledge to better equip their businesses for the new security landscape.



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