Microlise Group strengthens TMS offering with acquisition of Enterprise Software Systems


Microlise Group, a leading global provider of innovative technology solutions, has today announced its latest strategic acquisition of Enterprise Software Systems Limited (ESSL). The acquisition – which is subject to CMA approval – will strengthen Microlise’s TMS portfolio, further demonstrating its commitment to growth and innovation, and is expected to immediately enhance earnings.

ESSL has been trading for over 25 years and is a leading supplier of Transport Management Software for medium to large UK transport companies. Through strategic partnerships, it offers end-to-end solutions supported by its team’s industry knowledge and expertise.

This strategic move not only enhances Microlise’s Transport Management System (TMS) offering, but also expands its product portfolio in the TMS space to cover a broader market segment. The acquisition is particularly beneficial for larger enterprise customers and those with more sophisticated needs, offering a comprehensive subcontractor management tool and robust Business Intelligence (BI) reporting capabilities – both embedded and available via API – enabling customers to make data-driven decisions with ease.

ESSL’s talent and technology align seamlessly with the Group’s vision to provide end-to-end solutions for logistics operators of all sizes, and its software is already a trusted solution by many of Microlise’s largest transport customers, fostering a stronger partnership and service for both companies.

Furthermore, ESSL already integrates with Microlise’s existing suite of products, benefiting from shared resources and expertise. This integration is set to evolve further, providing even greater value to customers in the future.

Speaking on the latest acquisition, Nadeem Raza, Microlise Group’s CEO, said:

“We are delighted to announce ESSL as our second acquisition of the year, and our largest to date. The acquisition showcases our commitment to strengthening our TMS offering, which we will now be able to provide to businesses of all sizes.

“ESSL immediately enhances our earnings and will provide numerous upsell and cross-sell opportunities. We look forward to updating the market on progress in this respect and on the integration of ESSL into the wider Group.”

Paul Topps, Managing Director of ESSL, added:

“ESSL has provided TMS solutions to many of the major transport companies in the UK since 1997, and new technology and innovation have been key to winning and maintaining business within many transport industry verticals.

“I see the acquisition as a perfect partnership and progression for ESSL, sharing a common customer ethos to deliver transport solution excellence, investing in new technologies to enable our customers to deliver competitive advantage.

“We believe our combined solutions, customer base, approach, technology capabilities, and people will deliver great opportunities for us and our new and existing customers.”

This strategic move strengthens the Group’s position in the market and reaffirms its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to its valued customers and delivering even greater value and innovation to logistics operators worldwide.