Modern House Moving Trends Business Owners Should Pay Attention To


If you’re managing a moving company, you’ll likely want to appeal to a lot of homeowners – be it current ones, or those who are just planning to move houses.

Thing is, moving itself isn’t an easy process, and sometimes the sheer inconvenience of house moves can discourage people from moving at all. However, thanks to modern house moving trends, more homeowners have begun relying on various software, technologies, and other trends that make the house moving process extremely easy for them.

If moving companies tap into these trends, house moves for their clients may become a breeze. However, just what house moving trends should they take note of? Here are some of them :

  • More moves happen in 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom homes. In terms of moves in the United States, 30-percent of them actually occur in 1-bedroom homes, followed by 2-bedroom homes with 24-percent. Partial moves occurred in 13-percent of moves, while studio moves and 4+ bedroom home moves happened to 10-percent and 7-percent of moves, respectively. As such, it’s safe to assume that groups of fewer homeowners tend to make a house move compared to larger groups and partial moves.

  • Residents like to keep their weekends busy. In terms of moving dates, it’s interesting to note that 19.8-percent of moves in the United States happen on Fridays, followed by Saturday (18.7-percent) and Monday (16.1-percent). As such, it seems people prefer to move on weekends while sparing a day or two in order to unpack and settle just as the new week begins.

  • Interstate still beats local moves. Interestingly, in terms of 2019 moving trends, 60.51-percent of house moves actually happen interstate, while the remaining 39.49-percent are local moves. This doesn’t necessarily mean local moves are unproductive for business, but moving companies might want to focus on streamlining their interstate moving efforts to accommodate more customers.

  • Local and geographical focus for movers. Thanks to improvements in advertising and search engine optimization (SEO), movers Manhattan NYC can easily help their content reach clients and audiences over a local area with the help of algorithms. As such, people in these regions that search for moving services will likely get referred to their company, which is something they can take advantage of with efficient digital marketing and SEO strategies. 

  • Smart and independent moving. When it comes to looking for movers and fixing the moving process, the existence of apps and various services have given homeowners the opportunity to be more independent when it comes to their moves. A lot of apps now come with features that enable them to organize their inventory, make cost assessments, and even get in touch with moving companies that may be able to help facilitate the packing and moving process. 

  • Digital and online communication options for movers. Gone are the days when movers and clients have to schedule and reschedule meetings due to various circumstances. Thanks to the rise of online communication tools, clients can reach out to their best long distance movers and conduct meetings with them. This removes the need to go to distant places to set up meetings, and this saves time and money on both parties while they secure the various elements needed in the move. These services also allow clients to show their home or things they want to transport to the movers without the need for physical presence. 


Business Owners: House Moves Are Going Digital

With the above points in mind, it’s important to consider that modern house moving has begun taking a turn towards the utilization of digital services and apps to make the process as convenient as possible for new homeowners. As such, it’s advisable that movers and moving companies – alongside other professionals in the field – to start adjusting to these consumer trends as well. It’s advisable that more responsive websites, as well as mobile-compatible apps and interfaces, will be able to appeal to the most number of audiences and make brands look more trustworthy to customers. 


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Rhenn Taguiam is a Manila-based content marketer and freelance writer. He’s a Journalism degree holder with interests and training in digital marketing, advertising, and psychology.