Modex 2022: Three Takeaways To Help Secure Your Supply Chain


Modex 2022, which took place last week in Atlanta, GA, brought together 850 exhibitors and more than 37,000 visitors from all over the globe. Attendees were given the opportunity to learn from hundreds of thought leaders through seminars and keynotes about supply chain trends and technologies.  

Read on for three topics that were covered during the conference.  

#1 COVID-19 has reshaped supply chains. The past two years have disrupted supply chains – causing rapid demand swings, labor and material shortages, and public scrutiny. Businesses have responded with strategic and tactical solutions from automation to adjusted inventory management plans. But how can your organization stay competitive in the face of disruption? As noted in our recent whitepaper, ‘Seven Business-Boosting Benefits of Cloud Labeling’, migrating to a cloud-based labeling solution allows you to take fast, corrective actions to eliminate bottlenecks, improve time to market, and ensure compliance while future-proofing your labeling operations.  

#2 Companies must harness the benefits of technology to meet customer expectations. Growing customer expectations require strengthened omnichannel and e-commerce capabilities. One trend that we expect to grow in importance this year is customer-facing labeling. The right label and packaging can improve customer satisfaction, impact delivery and potential delays, strengthen corporate branding, and even reduce returns. This movement has also placed a greater focus on traceability as providers and shippers use barcodes to track shipments from manufacture through the supply chain all the way to the customer’s door. By replacing homegrown, legacy, and disparate labeling systems with a modern cloud-based enterprise solution, online sellers can seamlessly implement, deploy, maintain, and scale labeling operations across their global networks to keep pace with business operations and customer demand.  

#3 Today’s extended organizations need immediate and accurate label printing. Organizations that cannot produce the correct labels to ship goods to the target location can only watch idly while opportunities go unseized. The issue is that many businesses still leave labeling largely up to chance by patching together disparate software solutions in hopes they will meet their growing labeling needs. But over time, these patchworks bring high maintenance costs, data-errors, and non-compliance. By adopting a standardized and centralized cloud-based labeling solution, you can protect your business and modernize your operations. 

Want to learn more about these talking points? Watch our on-demand webinar with VDC Research as we look at the importance of ensuring consistent labeling and facilitating traceability.