Monaco Cybersecurity Agency picks Gatewatcher NDR


Gatewatcher, technological leader in network cyberthreat detection, announced today that the Monaco Cybersecurity Agency (AMSN) has deployed Gatewatcher network detection and response (NDR) technology as part of a portfolio of cybersecurity defences.

With a staff of around 20, the primary role of the AMSN is to implement security measures in order to prevent, detect and respond to cyberattacks throughout the Principality. Since 2018, AMSN has deployed Gatewatcher NDR technology as part of a comprehensive structure to ensure the cybersecurity of Monaco’s government information systems and some of the Principality’s critical infrastructure.

Following a thorough review of the market, Gatewatcher was chosen based on its advanced threat detection technology, and an established track record of protecting the networks of critical infrastructures. In addition, Gatewatcher was chosen because of its partnership approach that has yielded collaborative product development, in conjunction with AMSN.

Gatewatcher technology has already provided enhanced visibility of the Monégasque infrastructure. It has not only enhanced security but also improved the operational performance of the networks.

“Name an attack and we have seen it,” said Frédéric Fautrier, director, AMSN. “But visibility is half the battle, and most of those threats are now detected by Gatewatcher. There was an almost immediate return on this investment. Five minutes after connecting the technology to our networks, we saw improved visibility and attacks being flagged. The competencies of Gatewatcher in protecting those networks, as well as the flexibility shown in developing new product capabilities, led to our decision.”

Looking to the future, AMSN will integrate the Gatewatcher NDR technology with other systems. This will further improve collaboration throughout the teams within AMSN and expand protection across both the IT and OT on the Monégasque networks.

“We are incredibly proud to have been chosen by AMSN to secure the critical infrastructure and networks of the Principality of Monaco,” said Jacques de la Riviere, CEO, and co-founder of Gatewatcher. “New attacks continue to arise, but by partnering with the AMSN and embracing their continuous improvement methodologies, we are confident we will develop comprehensive responses to a dynamic threat profile.”