Mongolian Government provides major tech sector boost with the launch of ‘Mindgolia’ procurement portal


The Government of Mongolia is launching today its new online procurement portal – – reducing costs and bureaucracy related to the procurement of software solutions and providing a major boost to the country’s thriving tech sector.

As part of the Mongolian economy’s transition ‘from mining to mind’, ‘Mindgolia’ will showcase globally the world-class digital solutions that the Mongolian tech industry has been developing for many years. Open to both the private and public sectors, the new marketplace is also designed to strengthen links between the country’s tech industry and global investors, as well as providing a level playing field for Mongolian tech start-ups to compete with more established players.

Mongolia’s USD 41 billion ICT industry is growing rapidly, a trend due to continue in the years ahead due to the roll-out of public private partnerships such as ‘Mindgolia’. More than 300 companies and 2,000 young engineers work on the development of technology solutions and software production, and Mongolian tech start-ups such as AND Global with its ONDO Space and satellite technology are increasingly well-recognised in the region and raising funds globally.

The strengthening of Mongolia’s tech sector is a key part of the Government’s New Recovery Policy, aimed at enhancing the country’s growth rate and diversifying away from mining and towards emerging and high-growth areas in the knowledge economy.

At launch, ‘Mindgolia’ features 180 products from over 100 companies, with this number increasing daily. Around 350 software developers, and representatives of around 250 buyers and users of government organizations, ministries, agencies, and state-owned companies are participating in the platform. ‘Mindgolia’ will help support the growing number of government-led digital transformation projects in the country, with 904 such projects totaling USD 267 million taking place between 2012 and 2021, and a further 357 projects worth USD 290 million expected to be completed between 2022 and 2024.

‘Mindgolia’ was inspired by international practice in the area of public procurement, including the UK Government’s Crown Commercial Service and their ‘Digital Marketplace’ platform. An English language version of ‘Mindgolia’ will be launched before the end of 2022.

Commenting on the launch of ‘Mindgolia’, Uchral Nyam-Osor, Minister of Digital Development and Communications of Mongolia, said:

“The launch of Mindgolia is a major step forward in bringing Mongolia’s procurement processes up to international best practice and will provide a significant boost to our country’s thriving technology sector, whilst levelling the playing field on which start-ups and more established companies compete.

“I encourage international businesses looking for procurement solutions to visit this new platform and see how Mongolian technology companies – whether it be a newly-launched small business or a long-standing entity – can help support their digital transformation journey.”

The Mongolian Government’s existing platform is designed as a centralised information aggregation portal for all types of procurement, limiting the ability of users to ‘self-service’ due to the complexity of procurement processes and the way that requirements vary between different types of procurement. The launch of ‘Mindgolia’ as a platform containing a number of pre-vetted digital transformation solutions will enable customers across both the public and private sectors to save on costs and time as they look to identify the solution best suited to them.