Motorcycle Volunteers Deploy Microlise SmartPOD Technology To Bolster Humanitarian Work


The Microlise Proof of Delivery solution has been made freely available to the Volunteer Bikers Group Northern Ireland (VBGNI)to support its voluntary effort. The two-hundred strong band of bikers is currently supporting frontline NHS and care workers by delivering vital PPE supplies. They are also providing much needed help to vulnerable members of their community through contactless drops of pharmaceutical supplies across the length and breadth of Northern Ireland.

The team of highly experienced bikers simply access the SmartPOD technology via a mobile App to access a range of tools including contactless Proof of Delivery (POD), location and tracking information and two-way communication.

For organisations who are working across the supply chain, Microlise solutions manage planning & optimisation, tracking and delivery, providing real-time communication capability, task allocation, workflow management and proof of delivery information. This is particularly useful in cases where organisations are scaling-up operations at speed in response to the current crisis.

Microlise already works with the vast majority of UK supermarkets, as well as with other hauliers that support these businesses, with its telematics, journey management and proof of delivery solutions proving to be valuable business tools in the current climate.

According to John Lawson from VBGNI, the team is maximising safety by utilising full contactless delivery as well as improving coordination and communication; “We are responding to a very fluid situation on the ground and we need to be agile but ensure that we maintain the highest standards of safety, particularly when managing deliveries from pharmacists, via bikers and onto members of the public, many of whom are vulnerable and shielding. The SmartPOD solution allows us to safely track and deliver consignments which is critical at a time like this.”

Nadeem Raza, Microlise CEO added, “We are doing all we can to support the public sector, not-for-profits and community groups who are working hard to deliver essential supplies at this difficult time. The Volunteer Bikers Group approached us to ask for our support and we were delighted to pinpoint the right solution to match their requirements.”

Microlise provides telematics, planning & optimisation, journey management and proof of delivery solutions to many of the UK’s HGV fleet operators, including 14 of the top 15 retailers.

If you are working for a public sector, not-for-profit, or private organisation that is supporting critical supply chains or working to combat Covid-19 and believe that Microlise’s tracking and task management solutions could help, please visit find out more and to submit your details.