MRPeasy now has 100 UK customers


MRPeasy has hit the significant milestone of 100 customers in the UK as it establishes itself as the leading cloud-based manufacturing ERP package for SMEs

Konstantin Klugman, managing team member at MRPeasy said: “We are proud to now have 100 UK customers. MRPeasy has been on a sustained growth path in the UK since our first customer implementation in 2014. Our 100 UK customers to date comprise a broad range of growing SME manufacturers who have realised the benefits of a manufacturing ERP solution. We see enormous potential for our solution in the dynamic UK market.”

MRPeasy really helps a growing business according to one of those 100 UK customers, Robin Longden, founder of Hertfordshire-based granola producer Rollagranola. He said: “We are not a sophisticated operation with long supply chains, multiple bills of material or complex shipping processes,” but he adds “the things that help us ensure robust and solid operation, control costs and stocks, are there and MRPeasy gives us those in spades. As we grow, the system will become more important, and I can’t see why it wouldn’t be scaleable for the foreseeable future”.

To gain comparable visibility of its current and future manufacturing operations, another UK customer, Vivacity Labs, selected a cloud-based Manufacturing ERP package from MRPeasy. The company enables ‘next generation’ transport management by giving authorities unprecedented insights into their transport systems. Vivacity Labs’ Commercial Operations Manager Simon Cole, said: “MRPeasy is a very open system. We can set it up to suit our company without many restrictions – anyone can do what they want with it. The key things – which we weren’t getting from spreadsheets – are that we have a really clear picture of what’s happening now, whether we’ve bought enough components, what are our long lead or most expensive items, and capability to take on further big projects.”

MRPeasy offers a cost effective solution to common challenges faced by growing SME manufacturers. For example, replacing physical control of raw materials and finished goods in stock with MRPeasy will save time and significantly speed up order responses.

Producing reports can be extremely time-consuming and cumbersome where information derives from different sources – and often on paper. With a manufacturing ERP software system however, all reports and summaries can be generated from one place. This provides strategic information for company development with much less effort.

MRPeasy also enhances an SME’s visibility and control of activities via a computer screen, giving users the ability to deal directly with tasks and follow the progress of orders.

Finally, MRPeasy maintains a cloud-based archive, rather than relying on paper records. This means essential information is far more accessible and secure and there is no need to waste shelf space with paper documents.

Klugman concluded: “Small and medium sized manufacturers in the UK have joined companies across the globe – nearly 500 in total – in welcoming MRPeasy as a perfect first step away from spread sheets to a cloud-based ERP, which brings enormous benefits that contribute to their continued successful growth.”