Navis Introduces N4 as a Service (SaaS) offering


Navis, a part of Cargotec Corporation and provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for the world’s leading organizations across the shipping supply chain, announced the launch of the N4 as a Service, allowing Navis customers to seamlessly move terminal operations to the cloud.

Terminals of all sizes are beginning to realize the potential of cloud-based solutions and are starting to make plans to move to their TOS to the cloud. Solutions like N4 SaaS provide customers with a complete package to streamline day-to-day operations utilizing the cloud and lay the groundwork for continuous terminal innovation moving forward.

N4 SaaS provides customers the full feature set of a TOS with the added convenience that it is delivered as a service, helping to further strengthen partnerships between terminals and clients, all at a predictable subscription price. Flexibility for terminals to right-size their operations is another key advantage of N4 SaaS. With container volumes fluctuating, N4 SaaS offers terminals the flexibility and agility needed to withstand changes in capacity both seasonally and over time.

“Terminals have routinely faced natural disasters and other acts of God that have temporarily disrupted or suspended operations. But the COVID-19 pandemic posed a very different and unprecedented set of challenges that, from it, will cause many terminals to reassess the way they operate and innovate in the future, particularly with cloud-based operations” said Andy Barrons, Chief Strategy Officer, Navis.

Moving to the cloud with Navis N4 SaaS will allow terminals to focus their attention on their business, giving them a competitive advantage compared to terminals using traditional on-premise solutions and helping to control costs with a subscription based offering. Terminals will have the ability to continuously innovate their operations, allowing IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives and free up hardware spend for IT infrastructure, while minimizing production loss due to unplanned downtimes and bolstering security and disaster recovery in IT operations.

Navis is continuing to lead and forge new innovation with the addition of N4 SaaS to its portfolio of cloud solutions. Since the acquisition of Octopi in 2019, Navis has offered the cloud-based TOS to provide small terminal operators the agility and adaptability required to modernize and efficiently run their operational ecosystem. For additional information on the N4 SaaS offering, please visit