Navis Opens Submission for its 2021 Inspire Awards


Navis, the provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for leading organizations throughout the global shipping industry, announced today that submissions for its Inspire Awards are now being accepted.

After such an unprecedented year for the supply chain and logistics industry, the Inspire Awards will celebrate the resilience, perseverance and success of Navis customers through pandemic. The awards will honor those who are using the broad suite of Navis solutions and services to innovate, optimize and deliver value and positive impact at their facilities and within their communities. All customers currently utilizing any of Navis’ solutions are encouraged to apply.

In its fourth year, Navis has updated the categories to include:

1. Digital Transformation: How are you leveraging cloud technologies, data, predictive analytics and/or artificial intelligence to take your operations to the next level? Objectives may include agility, optimization, better decision making, higher efficiency and increased ROI.

2. Automation: What equipment or process automation technologies have you implemented to optimize your operations? Objectives may include safety, consistency of operations, higher efficiency, greater productivity and increased ROI.

3. Sustainability: What practices and technologies have you implemented to protect or positively impact the environment or community where you work? Objectives may include environmental protection, conservation of natural resources, safety, stable economic growth, people development, good health and well being.

4. Collaboration Across Stakeholders in the Cargo Flow: How have you improved operational performance through better visibility and control across the cargo supply chain? Objectives may include data sharing, productivity, operational efficiency, reduced congestion, improved turn times and enhanced alliance operations.

5. Dynamic Solution in the Pandemic: How did you adapt to meet the challenges of the pandemic? What technology and process solutions did you implement that will enable you to continue to manage change and prepare for the unexpected? Objectives may include agility, resilience, performance, reduced congestion, innovation and change management.

6. Performance and Capacity Optimization: How have you improved and optimized performance and capacity? Objectives may include utilization, safety, energy efficiency including fuel consumption, optimal cargo load and voyage/service optimization.


“Our customers have overcome so many challenges and obstacles this year and have managed to maintain their business and the flow of cargo all over the world through it all,” said Andy Barrons Chief Strategy Officer at Navis. “This year, the Inspire Awards will have a whole new meaning as we honor the strength and commitment of our customers, and their consistent ability to innovate to drive change in the industry to make the global supply chain smarter, stronger and more resilient for all.”

To enter your submission for the Inspire Awards, visit: All submissions must be received by August 20, 2021 and will be announced at Navis World 2021 on November 1-4 at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

To register for Navis World, click here, and if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, visit the sponsor page here.