Neustar unveils UltraBot Protect to deliver more visibility into & control over web application traffic


Neustar Inc., a global information services and technology company and leader in identity resolution, today introduced UltraBot Protect to provide users with more visibility into, and control over, their application layer traffic. UltraBot Protect delivers enhanced capabilities that allow users to examine traffic patterns to determine risk, easily set rules, and block nefarious web application traffic, all through an intuitive, dynamic and comprehensive user interface or Neustar’s extensible API, both of which deliver actionable data and insights to better manage incoming traffic.

Neustar’s portfolio of application security products, which also includes UltraDDoS Protect and UltraWAF, utilises deep insights of network traffic to ensure users’ digital networks are secure across all touchpoints. Newly augmented with the robust bot management capabilities of UltraBot Protect, it becomes even more powerful.

“As digital initiatives accelerated during the pandemic, companies invested in application-rich environments that have inadvertently created opportunity for bad actors,” said Michael Kaczmarek, vice president of product management for Neustar’s Security Solutions business. “Cybercriminals are exploiting security gaps – such as through automated scanning that provides broad coverage searching for certain vulnerabilities in applications and infrastructure solutions – to find and attack new targets, especially in industries like gaming, retail and e-commerce, healthcare, and financial services.”

A recent Neustar International Security Council (NISC) report found that 84% of organisations invest significant time into continually modifying their web application firewalls (WAFs) to keep up with ever-growing, increasingly stealthy application-layer attacks. Even for organisations that have a highly tuned and optimised WAF on premises, the sheer volume of traffic and potential threats can exhaust resources and impact the ability to introduce greater precision to key systems.

Added Kaczmarek: “The rapid evolution of the modern enterprise has created precarious interdependencies and security gaps, making it significantly easier to exploit vulnerabilities, especially at the application layer. UltraBot Protect marries extensive bot detection capabilities with a sleek and straightforward interface that gives users a clear and complete view of the data, helping them set effective parameters in managing and blocking traffic to keep systems safe and assets protected.”

UltraBot Protect and all its features are now accessible to UltraWAF and UltraDDoS Protect customers. Features include IP reputation coverage, which involves the review of a wide range of IP categories — scanners, DOS, phishing, proxy, etc. — to examine whether a malicious IP address is the source; device fingerprint, which detects a fingerprint ID in the incoming request header and browser attributes; and bot trap, which determines whether a bot or human user is incoming based on detection traced to a specific bot trap URL. Additionally, UltraBot Protect covers the basics, such as customised block and allow lists, bot rate limits and transactions per second, as well as captcha to detect whether traffic is human or bot generated. More information about UltraBot Protect can be found at