New Product Security & Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill


The new legislation, which bans the use of default passwords for internet-connected devices, is a welcome and necessary step in protecting individuals and businesses alike from the ever-present threat of cyber-crime.

The Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill serves as a reminder that PINs and passwords are an archaic tool, no longer fit for purpose. Passwords are being sold on the dark web, exploited for fraudulent activity and have even cost businesses and individuals vast sums of money. New global research from Nuance has found that on average victims of fraud lost over £3,200 each in the last 12 months – three times higher than two years ago.

New technologies – such as biometrics – can offer a safer, more effective alternative to passwords, enabling businesses to robustly safeguard their customers. Biometric technologies authenticate individuals immediately based on their unique characteristics – taking away the need to remember PINs, passwords and other knowledge-based credentials prone to being exploited by scammers and providing peace of mind, as well as security, for end-users.