New software capability delivers higher levels of operational efficiency, profitability & customer service


Nulogy, a leading provider of agile supply chain solutions, has launched a ‘Just-In-Time Line Replenishment’ feature for its existing cloud-based software platform. The latest enhancement empowers users to minimise production downtime and maximise labour efficiencies when fulfilling customer orders.

Nulogy software has been designed to optimise contract packing and manufacturing operations and enhance supply chain collaboration. The key benefit of the new update is its ability to help automate the flow of materials on the production floor.

This is particularly important in today’s fast changing and volatile environment as labour costs due to stock shortages can impact on both business growth and levels of customer service.

Josephine Coombe, Managing Director, Europe, Nulogy, explained: “Nulogy’s Just-In-Time Line Replenishment capability is the latest innovation in our mission to bring agility and automation to contract packing and manufacturing operations.

“These efficiencies on the floor translate into reduced costs, increased profitability, and stronger, healthier supply chains – which are needed now more than ever.”

With the enhancement, contract packagers, contract manufacturers and value-added third-party logistics providers have access to a wealth of additional features including the ability to increase floor space available for revenue-generating activities and to prioritise forklift traffic and work queues within the software. Pallet pick requests are automatically triggered based on space available in the line staging area, stock on the line, and rate of use.

In addition, by leveraging Nulogy’s Just-in-Time Line Replenishment capability, external supply chain providers can also efficiently manage their resources for more streamlined operations and greater business growth, providing greater visibility and efficiencies across the whole supply chain.