New software launched to help drive expansion for Progrex


Progrex, a leading software developer based in the North West has announced the launch of an innovative new system designed for the food and retail sector.

Food manufacturers, retailers and food service organisations are expected to comply with BRC Global Standards, which guarantee that safety, quality and operational standards are met, however the process is complicated and requires considerable time investment from businesses.

Progrex has launched a new integrated tool, called BRC Gap Analysis. The software will quickly audit the business so you can have oversight of potential issues which will cause problems with your certification, so you can take corrective action.

Sharon Xuereb, Business Development Manager from Progrex said: “The audit process and being BRC compliant can be a daunting process, but the new software is designed to simplify this. The software runs through a comprehensive list of questions and through this q&a process will assess whether you will pass BRC compliance and where the issues are, so you can assign what needs to be corrected.”

She added: “The new product is designed to take the headache out of BRC audits and ensure that when you do apply for certification you can be confident you’ll pass and the whole process will go smoothly.”

The solution is based on BRC-V8. Each gap analysis question corresponds directly to the sections and clauses of BRC-V8.

The solution helps users get a detailed overview of gaps you need to address and through the software you can also generate detailed reports, input tasks and assign responsibilities.

The new system is available for a free trial, for more details visit .