New Study Reveals Value of Expert Managed Services to Maximize the Benefits of Multicloud


Migrating mission-critical applications to multicloud environments is the industry’s new normal. In fact, findings from a recently released Virtustream-commissioned study by Forrester Consulting, “How Expert Managed Services Accelerate Benefits of Multicloud,” reveals that more than 80% of respondents worldwide have already deployed mission-critical applications in multicloud environments. Additionally, 42% of IT decision makers in North America and Europe consider adopting cloud managed services to be a high or critical priority for them this year.

With the industry’s broad acknowledgment that multicloud can provide a wide range of advantages – including better flexibility, performance and operational efficiencies – the focus for most IT leaders has now shifted to understanding how best to maximize and accelerate those multicloud benefits. According to the study, one factor can make a big impact: expert managed services.


Cloud Managed Services Accelerate Broad Multicloud Benefits

Organizations can utilize cloud managed services providers (MSPs) to accelerate the full realization of benefits associated with multicloud configurations. According to the study, the top overall benefits of using MSPs for multicloud environments with mission-critical applications include:

  • more time for internal teams to work on high-priority strategic initiatives;
  • faster time to value and time to market; and
  • avoidance of costly and time-consuming staff acquisition and retention.

By providing multicloud expertise and established best practices, MSPs can fill skills gaps, and augment internal IT staff during deployment and through ongoing management. According to Forrester’s findings, “Managed services help these firms coordinate and integrate cloud environments with traditional IT infrastructure, provide access to cloud management and/or cost optimization technology, and provide access to skills and expertise that organizations would otherwise struggle to obtain and retain themselves.” Other benefits cited by IT decision makers include improved agility and service delivery processes, reduced overall IT costs, and the ability to unify management through a multicloud dashboard.

From the study’s findings, organizations appear eager to keep those multicloud dividends coming in. According to the survey’s respondents, nearly all organizations currently using managed services say their MSP has helped accelerate their multicloud benefits, and 92% say they plan to increase or maintain their MSP investments in the next two years.


Selecting a Trusted Cloud Partner with an Expert Managed Services Portfolio

Does your organization need help with your mission-critical applications in a multicloud environment? You can leverage Virtustream’s proven expertise to realize the full benefits of your multicloud environment while accelerating your return on investment.

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To discuss your unique business needs, contact us today to learn more about our Virtustream Enterprise Cloud platform and xStreamCare Services portfolio. You can also download the new Forrester study, “How Expert Managed Services Accelerate Benefits of Multicloud.”