Next Generation Slotting: Intelligent Warehouse Organization with inconsoSLM


The use of mathematical algorithms does not stop at warehouse organization. The logistics software specialist inconso presents a new release of inconsoSLM (Slotting Management System) designed for distributing stocks to available areas and locations in the warehouse. Improved algorithms, extended parameters and increased tailoring for displaying different warehouse scenarios enable to further optimize the use of resources in the warehouse.

Unlike common slotting management systems, the extended solution from inconso includes a heuristic approximation method (simulated annealing) that takes into account all possible combinatorics of products and locations – with minimal calculation time and a large number of considered parameters. These include not only the product properties and their storage conditions, but also picking routes and sequences. Dynamic slotting with inconsoSLM enables the user to flexibly add new products to stock and to maintain a sustainable, high level of planned warehouse organization, especially through its means of parameterization.

The fully automated calculation of product stocks for available storage locations shortens processing times and increases picking speeds. The intelligent distribution of heavy goods or even dangerous goods also ensures that ergonomics and safety in the warehouse are stepped up. Improvements through optimized slotting can be visualized and simulated in 3-D. The data required by the system is also incorporated into the recalculation of the ABC classes that are made available by the WMS for holistically increasing efficiency.

In particular, inconsoSLM addresses the high logistic requirements of seasonal retail businesses. The solution can be used as an add-on or integrative component with inconsoWMS or as a stand-alone solution in any warehouse management and ERP system.