Nijman/Zeetank Transport optimise their cargo security with Astrata’s VideoLinc


Nijman/Zeetank International Transport Ltd, a specialist in logistics and glass transportation, has implemented Astrata’s VideoLinc surveillance solution across its entire UK fleet of 46 trucks and 49 trailers in order to better secure the transport of its particularly sensitive and costly cargo, and to improve visibility for drivers.

Nijman/Zeetank has over 60 years’ experience of operating in the transport and logistics industry, with specific focus on chemical liquids, fuels, mineral oils, cryogenic gases and glass. In the UK, the company specialises in logistics and glass transportation and has worked closely with Pilkington Glass since the 1960s. In 1993, Nijman/Zeetank took over the whole of Pilkington’s UK transport division in St. Helens, further reinforcing the already strong relationship with Pilkington Glass.

Damage to cargo (sometimes in excess of £18,000 per cargo) and the inability to see where and when accidents were occurring presented a massive challenge for Nijman/Zeetank. The glass it transports is very valuable and it is important that drivers should be informed about their driving style and the impact it can have on the cargo.

To solve this problem, Nijman/Zeetank chose to implement Astrata’s VideoLinc video surveillance solution. With VideoLinc and its 360-degree view, Njiman/Zeetank can now easily monitor incidents and events on its routes and view, in real-time, the location and cause of damaged cargo. VideoLinc also provides a connected video recording and playback system that checks the front, rear and sides of a vehicle, helping to monitor blind spots in order to prevent road risks. It records critical events as soon as an alert is triggered and transmits the video to the carrier’s terminal. Using the latest digital technologies, VideoLinc provides all the evidence required in case of an accident. Combining telematics data with images from the cameras placed around the vehicle, it downloads and archives video sequences triggered by driving behaviours, such as fast turns, sudden braking, accelerating or speeding.

Bill Owen, Technical Director at Nijman/Zeetank, said:”The usefulness of Astrata’s solution became evident during the evaluation phase, when one of our trucks was involved in a low-speed crash that caused more than £8,000 of damage to the cargo and the vehicle. Thanks to VideoLinc, we were immediately able to identify the cause of the crash and could easily resolve the incident with the customer and our insurance. By sharing responsibility, we were able to reduce the costs of this accident.”

Keith Watson, Astrata’s Country Manager UK and Ireland, said: “We wanted to provide a solution to Nijman/Zeetank so that they could optimise the monitoring of their particularly fragile cargo. With its 360° view, VideoLinc allows the company to reduce the time and budget spent on incident resolution. In addition, the solution strengthens the legal protection of drivers and enhances the driving behaviour analysis and on-board coaching functions.”