Nordex cyber incident shuts IT systems


Nordex, the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers, says that on 31 March 2022 Nordex Group IT security detected that it is subject to a cyber security incident. When hitting companies integral to CNI, this becomes of huge concern.

Bill Conner, CEO at cybersecurity from SonicWall made the following comment:

“Whether it’s elections, tariffs or natural disasters, countries and organizations alike currently tend to operate independently. However, the cyber landscape, with its non-existent borders and limitless boundaries, is forcing us to work together in new ways. There is a growing need for public and private sectors around the world to work together to detect, defend and dissipate the rising volume and ferocity of cyberattacks. Countries and organizations alike must prioritize the protection of their critical infrastructure, elections, energy supply chains, intellectual property and financial systems from those seeking to exploit them”