Norsk Kylling Designs Future of Food with Infor


Infor today announced that Norway-based poultry producer Norsk Kylling has selected the Infor EAM enterprise asset management solution. Already live at its Støren-based operations, the solution will be extended to a new40,000-square-meter state-of-the-art factory in Orkanger to support higher equipment availability, reduced costs and tighter inventory management for the food company. Working with Infor partner Prevas, Infor EAM is expected to go live upon facility completion in spring 2021.

Norsk Kylling manages its entire value chain for chicken production, from brood and hatcher egg production, to hatchery, broiler production and processing, as well as owning the Solvinge chicken brand. Its new facility will represent best practices and innovation in food production, encompassing the highest animal welfare and environmental standards, and supporting the circular economy.

Against this backdrop, digital capabilities and automation were intrinsic to the new facility’s design. Having selected an ERP platform for greater control over production and the value chain, Norsk Kylling set out a requirement for a maintenance system which could limit waste and reduce costs.

“Excessive downtime can have far-reaching consequences in our business, so opting for a solution that can help ensure high availability of equipment and productivity across the factory is paramount,” comments Ulf Jensen, Norsk Kylling technical manager. “In addition to cost savings, a comprehensive view of equipment status, and higher availability, Infor EAM will also give us greater control over spare parts and stock. We have more than 3,000 units in the plant register and up to 15,000 parts in the article register, therefore the automatic ordering capability within Infor EAM will help us to optimise availability without incurring unnecessary costs.”

“Fully integrated with existing ERP and SCADA systems, Infor EAM will represent a core part of Norsk Kylling’s infrastructure for the new facility,” comments Einar Alexander Andersen, CEO of Prevas AS. “Optimizing equipment availability to boost production and minimise waste is key to achieving both environmental and economic goals for the poultry leader, and it’s very exciting to be supporting Norsk Kylling’s ambitions for what may be Europe’s coolest and most modern factory.”

“The right digital capabilities are absolutely paramount for modern food producers, particularly those in categories that are managing tight shelf lives and significant waste,” comments Infor’s Johan Made, executive VP for the Nordics. “In its design for a state-of-the-art facility, Norsk Kylling is a great example of a company that recognises the value of technology and is using it to optimise availability, boost production and crucially, minimise waste to meet its high environmental animal welfare standards.”