Nutreco will join Transporeon’s worldwide network to optimize its logistics sourcing & execution


Nutreco is active in 37 countries globally and needs to manage a complex transport logistics system to deliver animal nutrition and aquafeed to its customers. This represents a substantial component of the company’s environmental impact. Therefore, the organization decided to utilize Transporeon’s full suite of offerings, including smart transport allocation and the integration of Real-time Visibility, to further improve its global footprint. This will help to avoid wasteful empty runs and to share accurate arrival times of deliveries and other relevant information to their customers.

Nutreco will take advantage of Transporeon’s method to assess the carbon footprint for each transport order (based on a European standard) as it will enable them to accurately calculate their environmental impact. Using this feature will allow the company to make a substantial step towards reaching their sustainability ambitions.

With smooth logistics operations in place, Nutreco will be able to provide a real and lasting benefit to their customers as well as to the environment.

Environmental benefits of streamlining logistics :

  • Avoid empty runs with a smart transport allocation strategy.
  • Track impact and create strategies for further optimisation by measuring the total CO2 emissions of transports.
  • Manage human resources for loading and unloading in a better way by tracking truck positions in real time.
  • Use ETA stamps (estimated time of arrival) for each delivery.
  • Shorten or eliminate time spent idling by optimised truck management at the warehouse.


Martin van Dam, Global Category Manager Logistics, Nutreco, said: “As a global company, we turn our world-class research into practical, innovative solutions in order to support our customers wherever they are in the world. As such, transport logistics is a vital component in helping us optimise our processes and achieve greater sustainability. We look forward to working with Transporeon because we know they specialise in these areas.”


Transporeon CEO Stephan Sieber added: “Nutreco’s mission of ‘Feeding the Future’ in a way that ensures sustainability aligns perfectly with our goal of becoming a ‘Driving Force for Good’. We look forward to working with such a globally significant company and to helping them achieve their mission!”