Office workers boost footfall, but how can retailers maintain momentum?


Back to school season and more workers returning to the office have provided a welcome boost for the retail sector. A 6.5% increase in footfall in central London and by 6.1% in large city centres shows Brits are eager for the return to normalcy in a post-vaccination world.

But as we enter a busier season for retail, maintaining this momentum isn’t without its challenges. With holiday shopping on the horizon, retailers must ensure they’re well equipped to manage spikes in demand, despite potential shortages and holdups.

With the new variant causing concerns, and colder autumn weather on the way, retailers must also be prepared for potential future masking restriction, as well as changes to store capacity. Consumers will seek out retailers who perfect inventory management and omnichannel offerings. Avoiding stockouts and accommodating the new ways consumers are shopping should be top priorities.