OpenText and Image Analyzer partner to detect visual threats with AI


Image Analyzer, a UK based artificial intelligence company that specializes in visual threat recognition, today announced a technology partnership with OpenText™, a global leader in Information Management (IM) and Digital Forensics. Through this partnership, OpenText will integrate Image Analyzer AI computer vision technology directly into the OpenTextTM EnCaseTM Forensic and OpenTextTM EnCaseTM Endpoint Investigator via a new module, OpenTextTM Media Analyzer for EnCaseTM.

The task of identifying illicit images and videos in either a criminal or civil investigation can be very time-consuming. A single case can contain thousands or millions of images and videos, most of which are not relevant to the investigation.

“Digital investigators must review an ever-growing body of information, and especially visual content. Technology is critical to help investigators parse through this information to find the evidence they need to prosecute criminals and protect victims.” Said Muhi Majzoub, OpenText CPO.  “Our partnership with Image Analyzer will help ensure that investigators have the visual content management tools they need now, and in the future.”

With OpenTextTM Media Analyzer for EnCaseTM, investigators can identify images and videos containing visual threats such as adult content, violence, extremism, drugs, child abuse material, weapons and other relevant categories. OpenTextTM Media Analyzer for EnCaseTM also leverages Image Analyzer computer vision AI to sort images and videos based on category and risk profile, significantly reducing manual review and decreasing the time to discover critical evidence. Finally, Image Analyzer technology can flag new or previously unseen illegal image and video material. This allows investigators to quickly identify recently generated material and potential new victims.

“Image Analyzer is focused on using artificial intelligence to detect visual threats that may contribute to a hostile working environment or be related to criminal investigations,” said Crispin Pikes, CEO of Image Analyzer, “OpenText is a clear market leader in the field of digital forensics and has an ongoing commitment to excellence. We are excited to be working closely with OpenText and that our technology is now a part of their offering.”


OpenTextTM Media Analyzer for EnCaseTM is available now for OpenText customers. For more information on OpenText Dynamic Analysis for EnCase Endpoint Security, visit