Oracle and Microsoft Bring Enterprise Cloud Interoperability to European Customers


Today, Oracle is announcing the continued expansion of its cloud interoperability partnership with Microsoft with a new cloud interconnect location in Amsterdam.

Oracle’s new location in the Netherlands means enterprises can build workloads that seamlessly interoperate between Microsoft Azure and Oracle cloud regions within the European Union data jurisdiction. This announcement builds on an existing partnership and introduction of interconnect in the US announced in June of 2019.

The Oracle-Microsoft interconnect locations are important for businesses wanting to put more of their data and workloads into the cloud and need to use cloud providers who are expert in their mission-critical data and applications. In addition to offering a high degree of choice and flexibility, Oracle and Microsoft provide integrated identity and access management so customers don’t have to manage multiple passwords when accessing their cloud resources and applications. The collaborative support model and global partner ecosystem add to the enterprise-class experience.

Mark Carleton, MESTEC Director, explained, “MESTEC’s leading smart factory solution is powered by high performance cloud infrastructure and database systems. We put Azure and Oracle Cloud to the test by implementing our application tier in Azure connected to Oracle Autonomous Database, running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and the results have been extremely positive. We are projecting a 50% reduction in infrastructure and management cost and up to 500% increase in performance.

“By connecting Oracle and Azure, we’re able to rapidly introduce innovative technologies into our solution, ultimately resulting in a better, smarter solution for our customers enabling them to make dramatic improvements in manufacturing performance.”

“Our new interconnect in Amsterdam is good news for many businesses that rely on software from both companies. They can share applications and it will make it faster and easier for customers to run a combination of Oracle and Microsoft software. They can divide up workloads as needed across our enterprise-class cloud. We are continuing to provide highly reliable network connectivity and therefore first-class customer service and support that enterprises have come to expect,” said Andrew Sutherland, SVP EMEA Oracle Cloud.

It will be faster and easier for enterprises to move their on premise workloads to the cloud that best suits the specific needs of an application. For example, an enterprise customer may want to run a windows-based applications on Microsoft Azure connected to Oracle Autonomous Database or Exadata on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Or they may want related Microsoft-centric and Oracle-centric apps to communicate in the cloud in a low latency way. Accenture recently performed testing on the performance of the interconnect and confirmed that the solution offers customers low latency and high ease of use.

Microsoft and Oracle plan to make the direct interconnect available in additional regions, including on the US West Coast, in a US Government specific region, in Asia, and more in Europe.