Oracle Announces Channel Revenue Management to Maximise the Value of Customers’ Trade Programmes

The current economic challenges make it difficult for many organisations to pursue new business opportunities, but wholesale distributors face a unique hurdle – one that can amount to millions of dollars left on the table each year.

Simply put, a wholesale distributor’s new business programmes are often extremely complex due to various objectives, terms, and thresholds, and it’s common for a distributor to have hundreds of trade programmes in place across its supplier base. This makes accounting for the programmes in financial systems, as well as matching sales accurately against the programme terms, difficult at best.

Complicating the issue further, management of these trade programmes is often a manual, time-consuming process. This not only hinders productivity, but can lead to rejected claims, disputes with suppliers, and missed sales – meaning that potential rebate revenue goes unclaimed. Add it all up and distributors are forced to watch significant revenue opportunities fall by the wayside – and for distributors with narrow margins, it can mean the difference between profit and loss.

To help our customers overcome these obstacles, we are introducing Oracle Channel Revenue Management, part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Management (Oracle Cloud SCM). Oracle Channel Revenue Management helps organisations efficiently manage their trade programmes by automating processing and settlement in the cloud. This will not only enable customers to streamline business processes, but also help them to increase overall revenue, profit, and market share.

The new solution’s flagship feature is the Supplier Ship and Debit process, which allows distributors to manage special pricing agreements with suppliers to help ensure that all potential sales are realised, claims are efficiently handled, and supplier rejections and disputes are minimised.


With Channel Revenue Management, customers can:

  • Simplify modelling of special pricing agreements, reducing administration costs and maximising the profitability of their supplier programmes

  • Improve accuracy of rebate calculations, eliminating duplicates and reducing supplier rejection and disputes

  • Automate the execution and settlement of supplier programmes to streamline business process and improve cash flow due to timely submission of            ship and debit claims


The new solution also enables our partners to expand into distribution industries that rely on complex trade programmes to manage their business and remain profitable.

My team is committed to helping our wholesale distributor customers and partners pursue their hard-earned new business opportunities via Channel Revenue Management. To learn more about the new offering – and the capabilities from Order Management in Oracle Cloud SCM (for streamlined order fulfillment) and Financials in Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (for automated billing and payment processing with interactive reporting) that make it all possible – please click here and here.



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