Orion Labs Pioneers Future of Voice With Unveiling of Orion Sync


Yesterday at Mobile World Congress Americas, Orion Labs, the leading innovator in real-time voice communication for mobile workforces, announced Orion Sync™, a new category of connected wearable that works with Orion’s award-winning platform and constellation of devices, apps, and services. Orion Sync is designed for mobile teams in the field who need more than legacy radio systems can provide. Orion Sync connects teams to Orion voice chat, bots, integrations, and workflows with a purpose built, cloud-managed, LTE-connected Push-to-Talk (PTT) wearable with superpowers.

“Orion Sync is a giant leap forward in the ongoing transformation of businesses driven by voice. We created Orion Sync to make it easy and instant for organizations of any size to bring our real-time voice superpowers to mobile teams without having to manage and configure smartphones, legacy radios, or PTT systems. This solves one of the biggest problems facing our customers and opens entirely new markets for Orion.” said Jesse Robbins, CEO and founder, Orion Labs. “Orion Sync gives customers a powerful, fully managed, ease-of-use device that works with our award-winning platform and works with our advanced voice bots, translation features, and business workflows.” 

Orion Sync is designed for business and enterprise customers across a broad range of industries including hospitality, construction, healthcare, public safety, dispatch-related industries, and many others. Weighing just 125 grams, the device is lightweight and can be worn on a shirt, vest, lanyard, or jacket. Orion Sync has a built-in speaker and advanced DSP controlled microphone array, and also works with a variety of headsets and accessories.

Orion Sync has built-in cellular and Wi-Fi connections and, like all Orion clients, it is managed using a simple and friendly web page or within the Orion Labs app. Managers and administrators can instantly control and configure devices, accounts, and services wherever they are, without the need for cables or special software. Orion Sync brings all the power and benefits of Orion’s voice platform to mobile workers without having to configure and manage smartphones or maintain legacy radio systems.

“Orion Sync pushes the boundaries of voice for today’s mobile worker,“said Ramon Llamas, research director at IDC. “Combined with the integration of bots and other systems and applications, this device connects workforces beyond communication, enabling value-added services such as voice-activated IoT systems to enable automations for productivity or emergencies. This durable push-to-talk wearable demonstrates innovative technology that will improve day-to-day tasks for teams in a wide range of sectors, including public safety, hospitality, healthcare, construction, and more.” 

The device is untethered and works over any distance using LTE and Wi-Fi, and features an always-on, PTT experience tailored for enterprise and the public sector. In addition to a feature-rich, real-time communication service, key highlights of the device include a dedicated panic button that deploys safety workflows required in numerous industries. With the Orion Labs platform, Orion Sync also enhances communication with real-time language translation, and implements powerful integrations and voice bots for automating daily tasks. Security is a primary focus, and the device’s encryption meets the most stringent security requirements, improving safety across industries.

Key Features of Orion Sync Include:

  • Works over any distance using LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Real-time, heads-up communication in a lightweight, wearable form factor
  • Unlimited groups with unlimited users
  • Strong encryption to meet advanced security and compliance requirements
  • Improved safety and security with emergency workflows

Key Specifications of Orion Sync Include:

  • Size: 103mm x 66mm x 27mm (4.1in x 2.6in x 1.0in)
  • Weight: 125g (4.4oz)
  • Operating Temperature: 14ºF to 122ºF (-10ºC to 50ºC) up to 93% humidity
  • Seal: IP54; dust & water resistant