Outdated TLS certificates are leaving government bodies insecure


Enterprises and Government bodies continue to rely on outdated TLS, according to a security advisory published by the US National Security Agency. The Dutch NCSC have released a similar alert, to bolster encryption for public sector bodies that up till now has left them open to attacks and created a ‘false sense of security’. Web browsers have been gradually moving away from TLS 1.0 and 1.1, but the shift has been slower for the public sector, and various national cybersecurity agencies are being forced to act.

These protocols and algorithms advised against are widely known to be insecure, so it is concerning that the NSA still feels it’s necessary to advise against their use. This warning underscores the need for better certificate agility in today’s enterprise. Certificate automation platforms can reduce the risk of breach of outage by enabling the discovery, monitoring, and renewal of TLS certificates automatically.