Overhaul Launches Asset Manager Offering, Leveraging Real-time Data to Increase Visibility & Optimize Fleet Management


Overhaul, a software-based, supply-chain risk-management solution for the world’s leading brands, today unveiled the latest addition to its product portfolio, Asset Manager, a new offering that provides real-time asset and in-yard visibility, enabling greater control over assets that are both in-transit or stationary. The new offering leverages real-time data to empower warehouse, yard and fleet management teams to make better business decisions and add value to the company’s operations, increasing utilization rates up to 5% by improving processes and productivity across teams.

Roughly 60% of companies aren’t aware of the possibilities for fleets in improving operations with the use of rich data. A typical fleet generates millions of data points but as fleet managers are increasingly tasked with more responsibilities and updating numerous tools for visibility, the ability to process the data and better utilize that information falls by the wayside. Overhaul’s Asset Manager grants users a single, unified view of all assets in real-time, enabling next-generation control to make the most of every asset in the fleet.

Asset Manager’s key features include:

  • Single, unified view of every asset in the fleet down to its parking space in the yard with polygonized zones
  • Detailed management system to better maintain and manage asset life cycle to quickly make strategic, data-based decisions
  • Real-time visibility of the asset’s location, including important details about what distribution center it belongs to or whether it’s out for leasing
  • Geo-fenced arrival/departure notifications alerting user to when the asset is ready for its next deployment
  • Temperature reporting data for reefers is visible down to zone-level and remote control management reduces hands-on prep of assets before dispatch

“You can only control what you can see and that means assets often go underutilized or even completely unused. Without visibility, you leave profit on the table,” said Barry Conlon, CEO and founder, Overhaul. “With Asset Manager, fleet managers gain next-generation control over their assets, putting them back in the driver’s seat of their workflow. This visibility is the springboard by which they can build smarter schedules through improved utilization and fleet balancing. When you know where your assets are, up-to-the-minute, you can make sure you have the right asset at the right place at the right time – increasing productivity and improving asset utilization which drops straight to your bottom line.”

Following controlled launches with clients in logistics, pharma and perishables, Overhaul’s Asset Manager solution will be available starting April 1, 2022.

For more information, and to learn how fleet managers can leverage Asset Manager, please visit: over-haul.com/platform/asset-manager/.