Parcel Data Hub: Siemens launches platform for standardized data in real time


Siemens Logistics has developed Parcel Data Hub, a central platform that breaks up data silos caused by various sorting equipment and IT systems in parcel sorting facilities. The platform integrates and standardizes data sets of items, assets, and processes. It provides comprehensive, semantic data models for any type of analytics application – all in real time and end to end.

As a a single point of truth, Parcel Data Hub informs about the actual condition of each parcel as well as equipment in a sorting system. Thus, the platform creates the basis for seamless and efficient processes in sorting centers and eventually enables operational excellence.

Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics, explains: “For parcel sorting centers, not only the sheer volume of data but also the use of diverse data standards are a major challenge. These data silos and the missing real time availability of data prevent sorting facilities from operating at optimum. With our latest software innovation, we solve this issue and enable our customers to take full advantage of all data. Any kind of data from any source can be connected, forming a reliable basis for fast and seamless parcel handling and optimum asset utilization.”

A main feature of Parcel Data Hub is data normalization. It allows data from diverse sources to be easily combined, compared, and processed and creates a reliable pool of standardized data. The platform ensures adherence to the highest data security standards and contributes to optimizing operational costs.

Furthermore, Parcel Data Hub is completely independent and can process data generated by Siemens’ sorting systems as well as those from other manufacturers. Any software solution by any supplier can benefit from the data stored in Parcel Data Hub. This includes Siemens Hub Booster, which helps operate sorting facilities as efficiently as possible, and Siemens Network Booster, which creates transparency across a sorting network and enables an improved overall performance.

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