Password hygiene & how to avoid pitfalls in cybersecurity


Love them, hate them, can’t remember them, passwords rule our lives. Today (5th May) is World Password day. Protecting our online activity is now even more important now that the FCA has revealed a surge in scams due to increased screen sharing.

Sectigo, a company pioneering cybersecurity, is combatting password insecurity using PKI. CTO of PKI, Jason Soroko at Sectigo gives pro advice on password hygiene and how to avoid pitfalls in cybersecurity:

“Unfortunately, the password paradigm is fundamentally vulnerable to well-established techniques including phishing, social engineering, and credential stuffing. To get around these problems, businesses should consider Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions, which can provide a fundamentally more trustworthy identity paradigm for devices.

PKI provides unique cryptography-based access for each device with no potential for social engineering or other password attacks. PKI has stood the test of time as one of the most venerable and ubiquitous computing paradigms we have.  The mechanisms, processes, and widespread platform support we have for PKI are easy to expand to the needs of connected devices”.