Popup Or Pop-Up: Definition, Pros & Cons, Features


A popup is a window or tab that appears on the screen without being invited to do so, usually with a message, advertisement, or call to action of some kind. It can be used as a way of promoting an event, prompting someone to subscribe to your newsletter, or even encouraging them to buy something. Keep reading to learn more about popup features, their pros and cons, and things to consider when installing them on your website.

What Is A Popup?

A popup is a type of advertisement that, instead of standing out in the space it occupies, appears as an overlay on top of whatever else the user is currently viewing on the website. Popup builder is a tool that helps websites implement this form frequently to showcase events or inform visitors about new features.

Popup Or Pop-Up?

Some websites refer to popups as “pop-ups,” while others call them “popups.” Let’s clarify the situation.

  • Pop up – is a verb that describes the action of appearing suddenly.
  • Pop-up – is used both as an adjective and a noun to refer to website popups.
  • Popup – is the most popular spelling used to refer to a website popup

Popups Pros

The following are some of the benefits that popups can offer to the users:

Generate Leads

Popups can help generate leads for a business. That is, the visitor enters contact information, allowing the business to follow up and market to the prospects later.

Promote Content

Popups enable companies to boost traffic and generate more subscribers. Popups successfully persuade users to take a look at new content and snippets, which eventually results in increased traffic, conversions, and sales.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Popups can be used to reduce cart abandonment. Cart abandonment is a tedious process where users abandon the order after checking out but have not completed payment. This problem causes losses for companies across the globe. However, by offering free samples or free trials of their product, businesses can drive more traffic to their website and give people a reason to make payments.

Convert More Website Visitors

Popups attract more visitors from search engines since they have a higher CTR than other advertisements on the site but occupy no loads in the way of space and do not cause any browser reloading or downtime for users, who can be back at work in no time.

Share Awareness Of Events, Promos, And Sales

Popups are usually clicked by users interested in what the popup offers. By offering popups, companies increase their chance of converting visitors into paying customers.

Drive Traffic To Landing And Product Pages

Popups can be used to drive more traffic to landing pages, which are the pages on a website that people arrive at directly after visiting a specific website – for example, if you’re interested in shoes and came to your online shoe store’s landing page looking for information on some shoes, underpopulated popups can serve as reminders or even direct you to the orders page.

Popup Cons

Popups are often seen as annoying or intrusive by many users. They are usually blocked by software that can prevent ad pop-ups from appearing on websites. 

Reputation Of Being Annoying

Popups can create a bad reputation for the websites that use them since, most of the time, these popups appear without warning or without any way of closing them. Popups also take up important desktop space and may cause an interruption in the case of users performing some task on the computer when it appears.

Popup content is sometimes not displayed properly, leading to user frustration and dissatisfaction with the web ads they see on sites.

Can Be Blocked With Special Software

Popup blockers are created to make them disappear once they appear in front of users. However, these software restrictions are easily bypassed by users who know how to do it, and users may also be able to block these popups with common ad-blocking software.

Features Of The Best Popups

The best popups can be both attractive and safe for users. They must be able to drive traffic to websites, attract more users to the products, and get visitors’ attention. This is the reason why popup software is the most popular around the world. Here are some features popups can provide.


Popups are effective for every site, and as time goes by, more and more people will use them. Popups are a great addition to the website for online businesses that want to stay competitive with other companies nearby and offer their readers the best possible user experience.


Popups help with getting free traffic from search engines. They make websites more accessible to users, increasing the site’s visibility on the web.


Popups are extremely useful for websites. They are easy to use and bring a lot of valuable content that visitors can access and use purposefully.

Visually Consistent

Popups do not cause any worries for the users because they are very “safe.” They will never leave the page and do not affect the web browser. Therefore, technically speaking, popups are never intrusive.

The Bottom Line

Popups are useful for any website, including those that try to sell things. However, they must be designed so that they do not annoy users and cause them to turn away from the site or even shut down the page. This can be achieved if the content is valuable and well-written, and the popup is made to look nice.