Portech Systems launches contactless Proof of Delivery app safePOD as businesses return to normal during COVID-19


Mobile enterprise app developer Portech Systems has launched a new contactless point of delivery (POD) app called safePOD that is designed to make delivery safer as business levels start to return to normal amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

As deliveries increase and with traffic volumes in the UK approaching levels seen before lockdown began, logistics firms/teams and fleet operators (especially those that are managing wholesaler to retailer delivery) are looking to keep employees safe while minimising business disruption through potential illness.

The new safePOD Contactless POD app is available to any business that requires a proof of delivery, but does not want to make changes to existing IT infrastructure. The app does not require additional servers or networking to inform all parties of a successful delivery, it is simply installed on both a delivery driver’s and the recipient’s devices.

The whole process is straightforward – warehouse operatives find an order on their Warehouse Management System (WMS), export it to the cloud, and the driver and consignee open the free app and easily confirm delivery. Prior to delivery the recipient will receive an alert that they consignment has left. Upon receipt, the recipient verifies the information on his/her device against the delivery and if the packages are in order, signs on their own mobile. If amendment is required to the delivery information the driver and customer can make the adjustment and both need to sign on their own mobiles.

Supported by a desktop application, the easy-to-use app records information that is received by both sender and recipient back offices via the cloud. The POD with signature capture can be synced to any  supported Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS).

Shaz Naeem, Managing Director of Portech Systems said: “To maximise safety of drivers, Portech Systems recommends the implementation of contactless deliveries and simplified proof of delivery flows.

“The coronavirus pandemic has put pressure on logistics teams to increase driver and consignee safety. Traditional paper-based or signature on device options are not in line with the current social distancing guidelines, so we have developed safePOD which is easy to install and operate.”

For businesses that are still using paper the app is an easy entry point to track successful delivery, monitor driver performance and improve employee productivity by reducing paperwork and administration tasks.

Without a true contactless POD which includes a customer’s signature, companies are resorting to time-consuming and awkward safety procedures, such as:

  • Once the driver is acknowledged, the consignee should be asked whether they will sign for the item as per the normal delivery process or whether              they would prefer not to sign
  • In the event of a delivery without signature, the driver will enter the recipient’s name on the hand-held device
  • The customer may be okay to sign the device themselves, so the device would be left at a safe distance for signature before retrieval by the driver.


The simple Portech Contactless POD solution has been developed by Portech Systems’ enterprise mobile specialists who have delivered an array of mobile apps for a range of companies, including Vimto Out of Home using the company’s Field Service Executive workflow management system, while meter reading company Lowri Beck turned to Portech to deliver a cost-effective mobile workforce solution.

Portech also recently launched its Urgent Android Migration service for organisations that have not started the planning process to migrate their Windows Embedded Mobile 6.5 devices and scanners.

The Portech Contactless POD app is free for the first month.

For more information, please visit: www.phttps://portech.co.uk/android/contactless-proof-of-delivery/