ProGlove Provides Insight Mobile App for Android & New SDK for iOS to Support More Mobile Workers


ProGlove, the leader in ergonomic wearables for industry, is stepping up its software commitment. In addition to its barcode scanner app Insight Mobile for Android, the glove scanner manufacturer now also provides an SDK for iOS. One focus of the upgraded Android app is the extended proximity functionality for implementing social distance guidelines in an industrial context. With the release of the Android app and the iOS SDK ProGlove now covers the two most important mobile platforms. With Windows CE platform discontinued more shops will be choosing iOS or Android replacements. Android is already very well established in this arena, though iOS is rapidly gaining momentum. ProGlove will support both platforms with its future developments.

Insight Mobile for Android offers several features that are particularly useful in industrial environments. The photo functionality is one example. It can be used as a backup for when a barcode cannot be processed with the scanner. But it can also serve as a documentation tool when an item has been damaged. In addition, Insight Mobile offers Proximity, a useful tool for implementing social distancing policies. Proximity issues a warning message if employees stand too close to each other for too long. New features of Proximity include the ability to configure the settings for the distance to be maintained and the duration of the warning message to be displayed.

More information about Insight Mobile is available at:


Barcode Scanner App for Android and iOS SDK are available via ProGlove Insight

The Insight Mobile SDK for iOS allows users to effortlessly connect ProGlove wearable barcode scanners to iOS devices by using Scan2Pair. These devices can then serve as access points to the corporate network. Additionally, the SDK makes it substantially easier for employees to move between workstations with just one MARK scanner. This is enabled by the scanner’s capacity to map multiple workflows without reprogramming: Because that way, the configuration for interpreting the barcode contents remains on the end device and with the work process. Further functionalities including the ability to update the scanner firmware will be added shortly.

Users can obtain both, Insight Mobile for Android and the Insight Mobile SDK for iOS, free of charge via ProGlove Insight at: With Insight, ProGlove aims to drive the digitalization of the shop floor bottom up. This advanced analytics platform is designed to provide companies with the opportunity to completely redesign their processes. Insight collects scanning and device data from ProGlove’s smart wearables. It is also possible to combine contextual information with this data. This allows for analytical information of relevant processes to be mapped in new contexts. ProGlove will provide APIs to allow customers to consume the data according to their preferences – via the ProGlove web portal or in their business intelligence solution along with other enterprise data.

“We’re completely rethinking barcode scanning from the bottom up,” said Andreas König CEO at ProGlove. “To this end, we are vigorously expanding our existing ecosystem. Corner stones in this context are sales-, integration- and technology partnerships as well as our own software solutions. We want to offer our customers the opportunity to gain even more benefits from their ProGlove products. Needless to say, we were particularly focused on supplying even better capabilities to address the second corona wave with the extended Proximity functionalities so our customers can effectively protect their shop floor workers”.