ProGlove Set to Expand into the UK Market with Award Winning MARK Product Family of Wearable Barcode Scanners


ProGlove, a leading provider for industrial wearables, today announced an extension of its award-winning MARK product family that will better address the needs of logistics and assembly line workers. Both the MARK Basic and MARK standard range can drastically boost efficiency by helping to save users up to 4 seconds per scan, while reducing typical picking errors by up to 33 percent. 

MARK Basic is designed for a scanning range of up to 5 ft, which makes it ideal for picking applications in logistics. The device can be quickly linked to the corporate network via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and comes with ProGlove’s recognised Worker Feedback option. This powerful feature structures the flow of information relating  to key objectives, such as traceability. By means of a combined optic, acoustic and haptic alert, workers know immediately whether they picked the right item – thus ensuring process reliability. MARK Basic can handle up to 3,000 scans per battery load and costs 590.00 GBP.

MARK standard range lets users scan barcodes at a distance of up to 32 inches. This superior scanner processes up to 6,000 scans per battery load. MARK standard range is a perfect fit for use in high frequency scanning environments such as assembly lines. The device can be connected to the corporate network via BLE or 868 MHz radio frequency. MARK standard range supports the Worker Feedback option and comes at a price of 820.00 Euros. 

Both devices support 1D and 2D barcodes and charge in under two hours. 

“This extension of our product portfolio marks an important landmark for us as we are advancing on our journey to becoming the undisputed leader in industrial wearables and software that enables a smarter workflow,” said Thomas Kirchner, Vice President Product at ProGlove. “With that in mind, we will continue to supply solutions that precisely address the market’s needs.”

ProGlove’s MARK family is in use at some of the world’s most renowned global industrial brands such as Audi, BMW, Bosch and Lufthansa Technik. Each product in the MARK range is roughly the size of a matchbox, making it the world’s lightest and smallest barcode scanner. This can save workers a weight lift of up 1.5 metric tons per shift.  

Using MARK products ensure workers always have their hands free, and this little scanning whizz even connects to three types of wearables that come in different sizes for right and left handed users, meaning workers can rely on a good fit for them. MARK sits at the back of the hand of the users throughout their shift, so they always carry it with them. By not having to reach, search for or put down their scanner, workers can save up to four seconds per scan.

An example from the automotive industry puts the magnitude of this time save in perspective: In just one day, approximately 1,000 cars roll off the assembly line, each with an average of 1,000 scans per car. 

Leading rugged hardware, software and consulting services company Renovotec is adding the ProGlove MARK family to its best-in-class portfolio of products for UK supply chain users. “Our clients look to us for innovation that will bring greater efficiency to their operations, increase performance and drive down costs. ProGlove technology meets those demands and sets a new standard in intelligent hands-free scanning” said Renovotec Managing Director Richard Gilliard.

The MARK family of products is Plug & Play technology and can be set up in a matter of minutes. In addition, this easy to use device does not require extended training programs before users can operate it. While MARK products are certainly pricier than some of the conventional barcode scanners available in the market, its benefits clearly outweigh the initial investment. Therefore, MARK comes with an extremely quick return on investment (ROI) that is substantially below one year.