Protecting your business from mobile security risks


As remote working has become commonplace, mobile devices for business are no longer just desirable, but essential to communication. However, their popularity is not without its risks. Accessing confidential corporate data from a mobile device presents a multitude of opportunities for cyber attackers to strike.


The risks of mobile devices

Mobile security threats are cyberattacks with the intention of acquiring confidential information from mobile devices. It includes malware and spyware that are designed to gain unauthorised access to a device with the intent of accessing company data and contacts, sending messages and stealing confidential login credentials.

Data is a business’ most valuable asset — be it information on customers, products and services or business strategy. Keeping it secure and confidential is absolutely crucial. With just one security breach from a single employee device, cyber attackers can acquire data on an entire company, putting its whole operations in jeopardy.

Keeping customer data safe is also a legal requirement. The UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK-GDPR) protects consumers’ personal information and controls how businesses store data. Compliance is essential and companies risk a hefty fine if a breach is uncovered. So mobile devices, which are portable and at risk of loss or theft, present businesses with a large security risk.


Keeping data secure

Mobile device management (MDM) is the answer to safe business mobile device usage. It involves monitoring, managing and securing mobile devices, which includes anything from smartphones to tablets and laptops.

MDM software typically boasts several features. The primary purpose of MDM is to monitor the software and applications on a device to ensure that they remain updated and continue to meet security standards. MDM also allows IT teams to track a device’s location so that, if lost or stolen, it can be immediately located. If device recovery is not possible, company data can be removed and the device wiped in minutes.

There are several options of MDM software for businesses. Samsung Knox is designed specifically for Samsung devices, while (VSDM) is compatible with any device with a Vodafone subscription. For complete carrier and device independence, SOTI Mobicontrol is the best solution.

Crystaline works closely with its customers to determine the right for their needs, be it device-specific or completely unrestricted. With a service level agreement (SLA) that covers both incident resolution times and security, customers have peace of mind that their MDM solution is comprehensive, scalable and futureproofed.


Ready for anything

But what exactly does the future of work bring? An increasing need for MDM software. The transformation of working practices over the last two years has left businesses with a dispersed, remote workforce. With Government advice on working from home still constantly changing, remote work is sure to stick around in 2022.

Remote work gives employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, be it their home office or local café. But it also leads to a rise in connections to unsecured, public WiFi networks and a greater risk of losing devices when on the move, which puts confidential data at risk.

There’s also an increase in bring your own device (BYOD) business culture. According to Gartner, 55 per cent of workers are using personal-owned devices for work at least some of the time. Businesses can adopt this policy safely with MDM. IT teams can separate business and personal data on employees’ own devices through tailored privacy policies, to guarantee business data security without impacting on personal mobile usage.

When data breaches strike, their impact is catastrophic for business. So, it’s essential data is kept out of the wrong hands. MDM allows businesses to offer their employees flexibility in how they work without compromising on data security, which is crucial to operating in the unstable, everchanging working world.


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